Wednesday, 25 October 2017

the PANDORA disney collection ♥

I still can't believe I was invited to this magical event, when I received the PANDORA and Disney email and saw it sitting in my inbox, I felt like I was on cloud nine. Let's start from the beginning, I was invited to Westminster bridge where we watched a pretty spectacular presentation on the side of the County Hall building. Watching the video collaboration on the side of a London building by Big Ben with Disney and the PANDORA team was quite a moment for me and the magic was still waiting to unfold...
After we watched the collection reveal, we were driven to the Marble Arch flagship PANDORA store, where we were greeted with glittery cocktails and I was pretty excited to see my favourite TOWIE and MIC stars walking around the after party. While an illustrator drew a few Minnie and Mickey designs on the PANDORA gift boxes, we admired the new collection. The excitement was not over because I was also invited to a Disney themed afternoon tea at the Kensington Hotel. Magical, right? 
I had no idea what to wear, so of course I bought a dress that involved sequins, you can find it here. As I arrived at the hotel, I was pretty entranced by interior and after a few selfies (obviously), I made my way to the afternoon tea room. I was greeted by the lovely girls from PANDORA and the collection was boldly displayed on the table, ready to be snapped.
I am still getting used to my new camera but I was pretty impressed how it captured all of the beautiful shine and glimmer of the Disney gems. It is still pretty hard for me to pick a favourite item, the entire collection is just perfect and as a big Beauty and the Beast fan, I certainly think they did the film justice. 
We sat down and the afternoon tea began, the entire menu was a salute to the Beauty and the Beast movie and they didn't miss a note. From grey mousse to a rose petal jelly, it was an incredible meal from start to finish. I can't believe how detailed the menu was and it was a dream partnership to celebrate the collection. I was wearing my beloved Minnie Mouse necklace to match my dress and it really did add an extra touch of glamour to the evening, the detailing of the necklace is stunning and no matter how old you are, Disney will never go out of style.
It is so exciting to see brands collaborate, especially when you have grown up with them. As I have said before, my first graduation present was a charm from PANDORA and the detailing of the charms really do stand the test of time. It was an incredible night I am so grateful that the PANDORA and Disney team allowed me to experience the collection and celebrate with them. If you are looking for my favourite picks, you can find my previous blog post here. What do you think of the Disney and PANDORA collection? I would love to know what your favourite pieces are! ♥


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