Monday, 30 October 2017

the last minute halloween look ♥

Left to right: 100% Vamp*, Reckless* and 4am*
Halloween is tomorrow night and if you haven't prepared any Halloween costume or you have a few days until your Halloween event, don't panic - I have you covered. This blog post is actually inspired by my best friend Jenny, she likes Halloween but she isn't crazy about it and when we recently dressed up for Halloween, she did a quick and easy make-up look. So for today's post, I wanted to include a few products that you can use to create an easy Halloween look without any hassle or stress. Whether you are taking your younger siblings out trick or treating tomorrow night or if you have an event at the weekend, you can still create an amazing Halloween look even if you don't have time or the patience.
Let's start with the easiest tool, fake blood*. You don't even need to cover yourself in make-up, you can simply apply this near your mouth, under your eyes or you could get creative and cover one side of your face! This look is easy to do and for this post I am just focusing on Make-Up Revolution products because I find them incredibly easy to use for Halloween and really affordable. If you don't fancy a gory look, dark lipsticks will be your best bet. I have been testing out the three different shades from Make-Up Revolution and as you can see, the results are pretty impressive. They have a creamy, glossy texture so you can control how thick you want your lips to look, I have actually been wearing the Reckless shade as my everyday lipstick, it is very wearable for the daytime because it doesn't run or stick to my teeth!
For my make-up look at the Make-Up Revolution Halloween party, I used the fake blood down my lips and I also contoured using a black eyeshadow from the Iconic Pro 2 Palette - this definitely creates a spooky skeleton vibe and my best tip is to apply a small amount and gradually build up the darkness until you are happy with it. I really love the small Freedom #ProArtist Shimmer 10 eyeshadow*, it has small specks of glitter in the shadow and I love that you can apply this to your lids for a spooky look and you can also contour with it. What do you think of my spooky picks? I really love how easy these products are to use and you can create a fast and scary make-up look with them without needing a high skill level, remember that Halloween is about having fun no matter what spooky look you want to create! What products would you use? ♥


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