Thursday, 26 October 2017

quiz clothing sequin dresses ♥

It is no secret that I love sequin dresses, the glitz and glamour of a sequin dress makes me want to cram my wardrobe with every type of gown and wear them at any occasion. I wanted to round up a few of my favourites from Quiz and if you have seen one of my recent fashion posts, then you will know how much I love a trail dress. I instantly feel the Christmas season rush over me when I spot a sequin dress and long, over the top gowns have a big role to play in that. I love the Hollywood element of wearing a long, dazzling dress and I think this particular selection from Quiz nails the glamour aspect instantly.

I can be quite particular when it comes to wearing evening outfits and colour wise, you can't go wrong with a black dress. The first dress I picked is simply stunning, the timeless design is taken to the next level thanks to a sprinkle of glitter and sequins and if you are looking for a dress that gives you a touch of magic, a sequin dress is the best route to take. What are your thoughts on sequin gowns? I hope you like my picks and if you have any tips for how you style your daring dresses, let me know. ♥


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