Monday, 4 September 2017

rosegal wishlist - autumn coats ♥

Hi guys, I hope you are all having a lovely start to the week. Besides from drinking a few gin and tonics at the weekend, I actually spent a few hours shopping in town yesterday. I have probably said this 100 times but we all know I hate the winter weather but I really love autumn/winter fashion. For today's blog post, I wanted to do a fun and fast wish list from the coat section at RoseGal. They have such an amazing list of options and I thought now would be a great time to start writing this post. My favourite coat has to be number 6 and 7, they are pretty bold but I love the faux fur and the brown material. What do you think of my Rosegal picks? You can find the full list of autumn coats here and if you are not ready for autumn coats yet, they also have a selection of gorgeous long chiffon dresses ♥ 


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