Monday, 7 August 2017

#tiptalk - managing my blog ♥

Dress: Zara Heels: Zara (Similar) Bag: Zara
For today's #TipTalk post, I wanted to talk about my blog routine. I've had quite a few messages lately asking how I manage my blog and social media channels so I thought it would make an interesting post. I have been writing Fairytale Kiss for about 6 years now but I would say that over the past year and a half I have really pushed myself and given my blog 100%. One day I would love to be able to blog and film Youtube videos full time and I am very lucky that my current job gives me an incredible amount of freedom and time to make Fairytale Kiss a priority. I am not an expert in blogging, I have a combined following of around 9,500 followers across my blog and social media so I am not hitting the million mark just yet but I am amazed that people follow my blog and I can't believe Fairytale Kiss has been viewed over 1,148,000 times.
Like I said, I am not claiming to be an expert, I still have lots to learn but this is just my blog schedule. I personally work better with a schedule because it keeps me focused and on track. I start blogging at 8am, I would have scheduled my tweets using Tweetdeck the night before because I like to promote my blog posts on my Twitter. I have found this has really helped my blog traffic and I love showing off the hard work I have put in. If you have worked really hard on a blog post, share it! I usually schedule my blog posts for every hour, I find it really important to show my new Youtube channel, my Pinterest and the different categories that I blog about.
Once my Twitter is scheduled, I then move onto my notebook. I usually use a notebook or my phone to write down the days of the week and then I write down what blog post will go live that day. This is just a rough guide because honestly, sometimes I don't feel inspired to write a particular review and I feel more creative writing about something else, I don't like putting pressure on myself to write a particular blog post because I feel like this takes the magic and passion of blogging away! I then go through my photos and I will transfer them from my Canon 80D memory card to my phone. I don't use Photoshop or anything fancy, I add my filters on Instagram and I will really put the contrast up to make the photo bolder.

I then add the photos to the blog post and I start writing away. I also spend some time tweaking my blog layout, I use Pipdig for my blog layout but I do add extra features, such as an advertising section or creating a space for my new Youtube channel. If you haven't seen my Instagram, I struggle posting anything that doesn't have a white background so this does limit the amount of times I can post on it, I am struggling to find any cute photos at the moment! Once my blog posts are scheduled, I like to go through Pinterest and my Facebook page and then I update them.

I feel like Pinterest really inspires me! I will then comment, like and read other blogs and social media pages and I then start going through my emails. I have a diary where I write down any blog events, I'm quite lucky that I live in London because I can attend quite a few! On the weekend, I spend my Saturday or Sunday filming a Youtube video, taking blog photos of products and also dragging Ollie to take my outfit photo. I have started to include myself in more photos because I want everyone to know that I am Fairytale Kiss.

I want everyone to see my skin type, my make-up style, my clothing style and hopefully you and someone else will feel inspired and will relate to me. If I can give my opinion on products that I love, I hope I can help someone feel confident when it comes to shopping! This is pretty much my blog routine, it really isn't complex but I can't express how happy I am creating content. I hope this post has helped you and if you have any questions, let me know! ♥

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