Thursday, 10 August 2017

the range ♥

My best friend is a huge fan of B.Makeup*, I remember she was patiently waiting for Superdrug to bring the revamped products back in store and voila, I was kindly sent a delicious selection from the newly designed range so I can now tell her all the juicy details! When it comes to Superdrug, I have been a loyal supporter since I first started buying make-up at the age of 12-13, to have them send over B. is a big pinch me moment so I am really excited to write this review! I think one of the reasons why B. is such a loved brand is because it is designed with vegans in mind while also being suitable for all skin types. My make-up is always based around warm, neutral tones and the selection of shades that I have been testing have really matched my taste and style.

The B. range is vegan friendly and cruelty free and not only is the range suitable for a wider audience but the pricing is also very affordable. I first tested the lipsticks, I think I am always on the hunt for the perfect 90's inspired lipstick and the shade Oohlala has ticked this box. Not only is the colour highly pigmented but I love how blendable the formula is! The Sheer Liquid Illuminator* is another one of my favourite products from the range, the cream instantly gives your skin a pick me up and after I use the pink, whipped primer, I then apply the illuminator. Remember, my skin is incredibly oily but luckily the subtle shimmer does not make my skin an oily mess. 
If you only use beauty products that are vegan friendly and cruelty free, you can add B. make-up to your list. Although I had previously just used their skin care range and eye make-up remover, the cosmetic side of the brand has really impressed me. I'm really amazed with how wearable the shades are and how intense the colour is. I really love mixing the liquid lipsticks with Oohlala to create the classic Kim K lip colour. Make-up artist Cassie Lomas actually created her own selection of products for B. which includes the Sheer Liquid Illuminator. Have you tried the B. make-up range before? I would love to know what you think ♥


  1. Oh wow, this brand looks incredible! Definitely intrigued by that lip and cheek tint. That shade is stunning.

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