Monday, 14 August 2017

rush hair salon - chiswick ♥

Yesterday morning I was kindly invited to the Rush Hair salon in Chiswick*, the store is a simple tube journey from Victoria station. As soon as I arrived I felt instantly welcomed by the team, I was treated to fresh apple juice (my favourite) and a selection of chocolate and biscuits. I was seated and my personal consultation began. I actually brought my camera with me so I was able to film the entire appointment! I will be editing that this week and posting the video on my Youtube channel soon. Now when it came to the consultation I was quite worried about my hair losing thickness and body, I still wanted to keep my length but my ends were slightly damaged - okay...they were really, really damaged.

The Kératase Nutrtive Shampoo and Conditioner were gently massaged into my hair after I was taken to the basin area. Afterwards I was treated to a relaxing head massage. The Kératase Resurfacing Strengthening Milk was recommended for my hair, not only does the formula keep your hair silky and smooth but it protects damaged hair. Finally one of my favourite hair oils was used - the L'Oreal Professional Mythic Oil. I've actually got the same bottle at home and it saves my hair everyday! I was so thrilled with my treatment and the finished look, my hair looked big, bouncy and most importantly healthy.  
I usually feel very cautious getting my hair cut in salons because I am always worried too much length will be cut off but the team listened to me and understood that as much as I want to keep my length, I don't want it to look damaged. When it comes to having a relaxing and enjoyable salon visit, I think listening is a key point. I love that the Rush team knew exactly what I want to achieve with my hair but also how they can improve it, especially when it came to my damaged split ends. I was holding onto my hair length for so long but now it has a chance to grow without any split ends getting in the way.
I can't believe how confident I felt leaving the salon, my hair was bouncy, healthy and full of body - exactly what I want! Overall, I cannot recommend the Chiswick salon enough, the team were an absolute dream and I loved how natural and effortless my hair looked after my appointment was complete. This has certainly been one of my nicest salon visits that I've had. Have you visited a Rush salon before? What do you look for in a cut and finish? You can find the product details here



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