Friday, 25 August 2017

brand spotlight - chloé ♥

I have always said that I will feature brands that I love on Fairytale Kiss. I want my blog to be positive and honest and I have kept true to this for years. With my brand spotlight series, I love talking about brands I really love and I always buy from but today I actually wanted to write about a brand that I haven't bought from before. This post is a mixture of a brand spotlight and also a first impression post. I have never bought anything from Chloé but I visited the store a few weeks ago and I thought this really would make an interesting post. If you take a look through Fairytale Kiss, you will know that I am obsessed with YSL, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Versace.

I would say that they are my favourite designers because I love how dramatic and edgy the designs can be. As I made my way through Chloé, I noticed how neutral and pastel the colour palette is. The pale pink bags and coats really stood out to me. I am usually wearing black or nude so it was quite refreshing seeing such a bright but muted colour palette in Chloé. The actual store in Chelsea has a dream interior, the carpet is perfectly cleaned and the spacious layout makes you feel like you are in a chic and stylish museum. Although Chloé is very opposite to YSL or Versace, I admire how consistent it is. The clothes, accessories and bags are the total opposite of my usual taste but I have been obsessed ever since I stepped through the door.
There is something very refreshing and elegant about Chloé and I love the strong 70's vibe that flows throughout the collections. The Faye Shoulder bag in Motty Grey has been added to my dream shopping list, the colour is not something I would usually pick but this does look like the ideal everyday bag. If you are obsessed with Aviator style sunglasses, you have found the perfect brand to start your search - I was so impressed with the variety of sunglasses and again, the 70's vibe is really stunning and consistent. With Autumn almost with us, the ankle boot collection is a great starting point. I think the Harper Ankle Boots look divine and this will certainly match leather trousers or a floaty dress. 
Overall, I loved stepping inside the Chelsea store in Sloane Square, the staff were incredibly friendly and helpful and it was a pleasure to peek at the new collections. Not only do I love quite a few items but I think the brand really combines a mix of glamour and comfort to the clothing. Although this is a luxury brand, I think you can invest in classic, key pieces for your wardrobe and if you are usually loyal to a particular designer, it will certainly open your options and outlook on fashion by looking at a brand you wouldn't normally pick for yourself. I was thrilled with the unique items and you will definitely find something to suit your personal style. What do you think of Chloé? I would love to know what brand you want me to feature next! 

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