Wednesday, 9 August 2017

august shopping picks ♥

Last night Ollie and I went to Tesco's. It was absolutely freezing so I grabbed one of my faux fur coats and trotted around the aisles. Considering it is almost the middle of August, the weather is slightly confusing my wardrobe. We went to see Dunkirk on Sunday and it was incredible, before we made our way to the cinema in Notting Hill, we popped into a small vintage shop. At the back I spotted a giant rack of fur coats, some real, some fake. Although I love the look of real fur, I personally don't feel comfortable wearing it. As I was trying on the faux fur coats on Sunday, it made me want to create a big shopping list.

With the weather changing everyday, I wanted to put together an autumn and summer collection. I can't decide whether to grab my coat or flip flops anymore so I wanted to create a list with both options. You can easily add a big, fluffy coat to a summer dress and you can also pair a trench coat with a summer sandals. I have found so many gorgeous items in Topshop and River Island so I hope you like this list. My favourite item has to be the Dolce & Gabbana leopard print top, you could certainly dress this for summer or for the colder, autumn nights. I've also included a few beauty products I am lusting after! What do you think of my picks? ♥

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  1. These pieces are gorgeous! It is hard to believe that we will be thinking about fall fashion looks so soon!


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