Wednesday, 12 July 2017

the wholefoods event ♥

On Monday evening I made my way to Kensington High Street to the Wholefood Market, on the ground floor, Pukka, Neom and Skin & Tonic were holding a healthy body and beauty event. I was very excited when this particular event invite popped in my inbox, over the past year I have really swayed to natural, vegan and healthy products that benefit your inside and outside so I was dying to see what Pukka's Island of Tranquility had in store! I will be writing a closer review on the different ranges but I wanted to show you the event photos.
As you all know, I really suffer with bloating, I still want to get tested to find out what the problem is but when I eat certain foods, my stomach becomes incredibly sore. To help with my stomach, I will often reach for a peppermint tea. Pukka are renowned for their incredible tea range and I was amazed by the selection on Monday's event. It was lovely hearing about the other products they stock, including vitamins and supplements that can be used in your everyday beauty routine. As I made my way around the event, I was handed a candle from Neom, I had to pick between 4 different scents and this would tell me what candle would suit me. I picked the Neom Happiness candle and the sweet scent is a mixture of lemon and neroli.
I really didn't think I would like a lemon scented candle but the Neom scent was simply gorgeous and refreshing. While hand massages took place in the booth, I was treated to a healthy, refreshing cleansing tea from Pukka and introduced to the Skin & Tonic skin care brand. The brand is actually stocked in Whole Foods and the entire range is dedicated to using natural, fresh products - no nasty ingredients that can irritate your skin. I loved the simple packing and the fresh smells behind the products, especially the Skin & Tonic Calm Balm. I had such a lovely evening and I fell in love with the Whole Food Market! Have you visited the Whole Food Market before? ♥

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