Tuesday, 4 July 2017

joico structure glamtex backcomb effect spray ♥

After attacking my hair with heated styling products and brushes over the years, my hair thickness has slowly decreased. I need extra assistance when it comes to styling my hair now and I was very excited when the Joico Structure Glamtex Backcomb Effect Spray* landed through my postbox. Now before I begin my review, although this product was kindly sent to me, over the months I have been using it, I really have loved the product so much that I actually purchased a new spray last week when the Joico Glamtex spray ran out.
I have seriously been converted to using a spray instead of mousse. I just feel like the spray creates a softer finish to my hair. It really is easy to use, after I have blow dried my hair and styled it, I simply spray on my roots and voila! Instant volume without any crispy feeling or intense smell. You can also use this spray on your hair to create general texture so if you are looking to create a sleek ponytail, I really love using the Structure spray for that too. I love how hassle free this spray is, it does exactly what is says on the can and for the £10-£15 price range, you can't go wrong! What do you think of backcombing your hair? Are you a fan? I would love to know if you have used this backcomb effect spray before! ♥

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