Thursday, 27 July 2017

frénésies at the hilton hotel ♥

A few weeks ago I was kindly sent to the Hilton hotel in Mayfair to try an exciting treatment. For as long as I can remember, my leg and underarm hair have always grown at an alarming rate (even though the hair on my scalp has annoyingly stayed the same length for years) so I was very excited to try a new treatment from a brand called Frénésies*. As I made my way to the Hilton, I was guided downstairs to Spa To You, I was greeted with fresh lemon water and the Frenesies treatment was explained to me.
After having a wax, the Frénésies cream is applied over the freshly waxed area and the formula gradually prevents hair follicles from growing back. I'll be doing a closer review on the Frénésies cream including what I think about the packaging and brand history next week but I wanted to talk about how salons have incorporated Frénésies into their regular wax treatments first and how I've found using Frénésies since my first appointment. This was actually my first salon wax and it was certainly an improvement from using my razor. Whether you would prefer using Frénésies at home by yourself or experiencing a spa treatment, I really love that you can fit this product into your routine.
After the beauty therapist waxed my legs, she gently massaged the cream into my legs. The formula has a gorgeous light, fruit and nut scent and it blended into my skin effortlessly. My legs have felt incredibly smooth since the wax appointment and best of all, I actually have a mini wax kit at home so I found Frénésies to be the perfect companion for my body routine. You can actually buy the products for your face and body plus they also have a product version that is suitable for men. So far, my leg hairs have felt incredibly soft and although they are slowly growing back, they are taking much longer to return compared to shaving with a razor! I am absolutely stunned by this cream so far so I can't wait to give you my full review! I want to properly test this product out for you but so far, the results are looking incredibly promising. Have you heard of Frénésies before? ♥

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