Tuesday, 27 June 2017

#tiptalk - road trip safety ♥

I am counting down the days until Ollie and I travel to Alicante and Valenica. This year we are actually hiring a car when we land and I'm pretty excited to explore Spain! I thought in true Fairytale Kiss style I would write a post about the in's and outs of our holiday, including when we take a long road trip. Before I post about this holiday, I want to talk about a certain blog post. I recently wrote a post about passing my driving test so I think a road trip safety post fits nicely together! We are also planning a few UK based road trips so I wanted to do a little research if I took my car. I've only just started driving on the motorway and I didn't really feel that prepared when it came to understanding the technical part of my car.
Okay I'm not trying to become a mechanic but if I can learn more health and safety elements then I'll be happy driving on the road, especially when the journey is long distance! The weather has been incredibly hot lately and although I safely drove to Maidstone last weekend, I always worry about my car. I actually found a really useful tyre safety section on a website called Point S. I had no idea the precautions you have to consider when driving in the summer and it really is important to check your tyres before a long journey - whether you are in Spain or Maidstone! Rental cars abroad should carry out safety checks themselves but I still think it doesn't hurt to understand the dangers yourself . 

Luckily, Point S have created an easy website section where you can reserve your tyres specifically for your car. They provide a free tyre check service and they have a look at your tyre condition, tyre inflation and this includes making sure you have a spar, working tyre in your boot. Checking your tyres before you start your journey is so important! Other car problems can involve your windscreen wipers - they should be changed around the one year mark to prevent smudging. Preparing your journey before you leave is also important, I always make sure I check my journey before I drive so I know roughly the route I am taking, even when I am using a sat nav. You can visit the Point S website and reserve your tyres in Tiverton - without any hassle. When was the last time you had your car checked out? What car safety tips do you have for a long journey? ♥


  1. The colour of your dress is gorgeous! What a great post, I think talking about road safety is really important! <3

    1. Aw thank you! <3 I know! I have learnt so much about road safety, it is so important in the summer time too! xx

  2. Definitely important to be safe...especially before a road trip! Great post. And I love that dress, by the way!

    1. Exactly, better to be safe than sorry!

      Thank you <3 :) xx


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