Wednesday, 21 June 2017

#tiptalk - finding a wedding venue ♥

A few days ago I wrote about planning a hen do, I thought today I would write a nice little post about finding your wedding venue! This falls under the budget friendly option aswell so I thought the two posts would work together nicely and hopefully useful for some of you reading! When I began searching for wedding venues, a Bedfordshire wedding venue* really stood out to me. Not only is the location easy to get to but the venue is simply stunning! To start your wedding venue hunt, knowing the amount of guests is essential. I would personally buy a wedding planer book and sit down with your fiance to work out the guest list.

Writing down a list of exactly who you want to invite can be a pretty time consuming task if you are limited with numbers. I love that Wyboston Lakes offers you three venue styles and you can pick between a lake side view, a fresh garden or a more private enclosed area. I would personally pick the lake venue and I think a summer wedding would fit hand in hand with this location. After your venue and guest list is ticked off your checklist, food is definitely next in line! Wyboston actually offer you a selection of menus to choose from including canapes and a drinks menu. 

I love that you can have a chocolate fountain provided too - this is definitely a win, win for me! For me, I work really well with checklists, I want to be able to tick off certain features in a wedding venue and I want to make sure I can add finishing touches to the venue itself, such as a bar, lighting, live music etc. What do you look for in a wedding venue? I would love to know how you planned your wedding? ♥

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