Wednesday, 14 June 2017

#tiptalk - binning your life plan ♥

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Hi girls, I hope you are having a lovely week and you are enjoying the sunshine. I feel like I've been really clicking 'publish, publish, publish' on the product reviews lately so I thought it would be nice to have a relaxed chat today. After I turned 26 last month, I started to think about how close I am to 30 now. No, I am not worried about turning 30, I watched 13 going on 30 religiously growing up and I am really looking forward to it. Rewind back to almost 10 years ago, I remember writing in my year book and writing a small quote about what I wanted out of life - where I saw my life in 10 years. I remember exactly what I wrote. "In 10 years time I hope I have a fabulous husband like Jack Dawson and my life is like Jenna Rink from 13 going on 30." Yes, I actually wrote that. A lot has happened since then and I quite admire the innocence of my yearbook quote.
Despite my parents not being married, while I was growing up, I was convinced I had to be married by 24. I imagined having a picket white fence with a detached house while two children and two dogs ran around the front garden while I ran the pages of Glamour magazine. This was my idea of a fairytale. I had pictured living my life as a journalist for as long as I could remember and as I graduated university with my journalism degree, I felt like I was ticking my life plan list, slowly but surely. What I didn't have planned was having heart surgery at 22 years old and my dad having cancer. I feel like my heart surgery story needs a separate post (and hopefully I'll be able to make a YouTube video about it soon) but my life perspective severely changed after having a near death experience and since recovering, I don't feel the crippling need and pressure to have a strict life plan.
After my heart surgery, I met Ollie and now I don't want to rush a thing. We have been together for two years and I am happy to save for our dream house and in the meantime we are travelling the world and experiencing things but we are also enjoying the small moments, whether that means watching Netflix or a quick road trip to McDonalds. Would I still have liked to have my fairy tale at 24? Sure. But I've learnt it is not the end of the world to not have your life goals ticked off already. Everyone's life is different and there is no right or wrong time to get married or change careers or pick up your bags and travel. 

I feel like going through heart surgery has opened my eyes and you shouldn't take anything for granted. Do I still set myself goals? Of course! I would love to be able to blog full time and I love how much I am focusing on Fairytale Kiss right now. One day I do want that white picket fence but I have stopped beating myself up because that day didn’t arrive 2 years ago. Just because I personally couldn't afford to buy my own house or meet Ollie at an earlier age doesn't mean I can't have a successful and fulfilled life, whether I'm 24 or 54. I've learnt how important it is to appreciate the small things around you and to spend less time moulding a photo perfect life and actually start living it for once! I'm happier than I've ever been and I wouldn't change a thing. What do you think of life plans? I would love to know what your yearbook quote was!  


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