Thursday, 8 June 2017

the teagime teatox ♥

I'll be honest, since I've returned back from Las Vegas my healthy lifestyle has gone out the window. My gym card is now collecting dust and chocolate twists are now my breakfast of choice. It's a beautiful and fabulous way to return back from your holiday, especially when you've been dieting and gyming for months and months. I think it's nice to spend some time relaxing and enjoying yourself now and then. A month has gone past since I stepped into my gym and my stomach has returned as my main problem area, food just attaches itself to my waist and I bloat just by looking at rice, bread or cheese. I will blow the dust off my gym card this week but I wanted to let you in on my little secret for helping with my stomach, say hello to Teagime.* 
The lovely Teagime* team contacted me to try the personalised Teatox programme. Using 100% natural ingredients, Teagime offer you a two week supply of tea that is completely personalised and created for you. It doesn't contain any laxatives (thank god) and it certainly doesn't have any other cliche or dangerous ingredients inside the packets. I actually tried a few of the teas before my Vegas trip to help with my stomach and I can certainly see why people rave about Teagime. When it came to ordering Teagime, I simply clicked on the website and a small form was waiting for me. Whether you are looking for radiant skin, losing a few pounds, improved brain function or even increased energy, the form is designed to personalise the tea just for you. 
I personally prefer fruity tea, I just like a sweet flavour and luckily enough you can also personalise the type of taste you would like. From minty to herbal, you've got quite a few choices. Now if you are allergic to anything in particular, you even have the chance to let the Teagime team know before they send your order out. The tea packages arrived quickly and they were seperated in three bags, morning, afternoon and evening. The bags are actually resealable so you don't have to worry about the flavour turning stale, I thought this was a very nice detail and pretty practical too. Now that I'm back with my healthy lifestyle routine, I have started drinking the teas again. For me, my energy levels have improved dramatically, I no longer feel sluggish and I really feel productive. Cutting out fatty foods and drinking more of Teagime has certainly seen my bloated stomach begin to decrease! 
Overall, I can't recommend Teagime enough. The taste is gorgeous and I love how easy it is to use in your daily routine. I feel more productive and awake now that I start my day with Teagime and if you are looking for a tea that doesn't contain any nasty ingredients, I think you have found your perfect match. Instead of grabbing my chocolate twist, I am having a banana and a tea - as a healthier option that won't cost you a fortune. You can have a read of the f&q page here. Have you tried Teagime before? I would love to know what tips you have for keeping healthy and fit! 

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