Tuesday, 6 June 2017

the skinfix range ♥

I am so excited to write this post, when you get the chance to review an entire skin care routine it is pretty amazing because you really get an overall experience and understanding of the brand. Skinfix* is a Canadian brand that specialises in natural ingredients but they also use vitamins and dermatologists to provide great results for your skin. I had actually heard of Skinfix a few months ago when I saw that Kate Middleton is a fan. If you want a simple and basic breakdown of the ingredients, you can actually find a list explaining what SkinFix use and they also talk about what ingredients they skip, including any fragrance and alcohol.

There are three different collections in the Skinfix range, a skin care range created for eczema, babies and an overall skin collection for facial care. I have been testing out a few products from the skin collection, including the Hydrating Lotion*, Foaming Oil Cleanser*, Moisture Boost Serum* and my personal favourite - the Nourishing Cream*. Although the range already has rave reviews and awards, I didn't want to read anything because I wanted to purely base my opinion on Skinfix through trying out the products myself. I have been using the range for about 3 weeks now since I returned back from Vegas and I must say, the results have been pretty impressive. I was so impressed with the Moisture Boost Serum that I actually took this away with me to Vegas. I found  the formula incredibly soothing and perfect after a day in the sun. I used this after removing my make-up and it certainly calmed down any redness on my face. 

I found the Foaming Oil Cleanser a beautiful product for removing any trapped dirt or make-up on my skin, I loved the smell and anything coconut related usually gets a tick from me. The cleanser doesn't produce much foam but I still like how my skin feels after using it. I personally prefer taking my make-up off with wipes and a make-up remover but the cleanser certainly took my face make-up off easily, it was slightly struggling with my mascara though, but I do wear quite a bit! The Nourishing Cream is a must have if you suffer from dull skin, the formula is rich and creamy without making your skin oily. As you all know, my skin is incredibly oily but the weather has made certain areas dry; the cream certainly catered for my combination skin and didn't irritate it.

Overall, I am so impressed with the range, my skin feels fresh and clean without needing my usual heavy dose of foundation and I think that is my main goal for skin care, the ability to skip any face make-up and still feel confident. I am so happy that Skinfix has put my skin routine on the right path and I definitely recommend the range if you are looking for a basic and natural list of ingredients. Have you tried the Skinfix range before? I would love to hear your thoughts! ♥

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