Sunday, 11 June 2017

soigne nail range ♥

I feel like a very old school blogger right now. I recently re-ordered a few nail wheels so I could properly demonstrate nail polishes for my blog posts. I remember buying nail wheels when I first started blogging and I think they look much nicer than using my own nails for photos. That being said, I do test out the products on my nails previously to see how long lasting they are. When a Soigne* package arrived through my door, I was very excited. 1. I could finally use my new nail wheels and 2. I have heard rave, rave reviews about Soigne. The brand actually uses 85% plant-sourced ingredients and their brand is actually inspired by Parisian fashion - pretty fancy, right?
I was sent the shade Menthe*, a bottle of Rapid Dry Speed* and the Quick Dry Top Coat* to test and try and from previous experiences, the last two products should not be skipped when it comes to applying nail polish. They certainly make a lot of difference when it comes to staying power and shine. Now when it came to testing the Soigne versions, I was curious to see if they provided strong protection for the nail colour. I applied my own base coat and I gently applied Menthe onto my nails, as you can see from the nail wheel, the colour is very pigmented and that was with only two coats.

I found that the Quick Dry Top Coat made such a difference, if you are clumsy and impatient, this will certainly help dry your nail before you smudge it! Menthe is definitely a pop of summer and I just love how chic and elegant the packing is  - it really gives me a Chanel vibe which I adore! It is really important to note that Soigne are vegan friendly and they do not test on animals. This is always a win, win in my book. I love the packing, the wide range of shades available and the impressive quality especially because the brand skips nasty ingredients. Have you tried any products from the Soigne range? I would love to know what you think! ♥

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