Thursday, 22 June 2017

make-up revolution renaissance palettes ♥

When it comes to beauty products, I love finding hidden gems. I really admire brands for pushing the envelope and creating something a little bit different. We see so many different beauty products, whether we are popping into Boots or flicking through Instagram - pretty product packaging is everywhere. When Make-Up Revolution kindly posted this package through my door, I was excited to say the least. The Revolution Renaissance palettes* have certainly pushed the boundaries for eyeshadow palettes, I love that the brand took an extra step to style these palettes differently. Their hard work has certainly paid off in the luxury packaging department, but what about the actual product quality?

Starting with the eyeshadows, the Make-Up Revolution Renaissance eyeshadow palettes are available in a night and day version. The day version has a mixture of soft, pastel shades that are incredibly easy to blend. The formula is very light and has a soft, smooth texture - I was worried that I would have to pack the product on because it was so light but the pigmentation really paid off and did the hard work for me. I really didn't need to use much and it blended like a dream. The Night palette is certainly the shining star for me, the intense shimmery shades are incredible. Yes, there is a slight bit of fall out but I always do my eyeshadow first then I use my foundation to clean up any mess. I can't get over how gorgeous the shades are, they are rich and very edgy. 

I personally wouldn't use the pink shade but with my new Canon camera arriving this week (eeek!) I would love to create a girly and funky eyeshadow look. It is definitely a fun shade to play around with if you want to mix up your regular eye routine which of course is always a brown eyeshadow combo for me. Now last but certainly not least, we have the Make Up Revolution Renaissance Glow Palette. Personally, I love that the packaging theme is constant throughout and the velvet pouches and box really did make this range extra special for me - I really think they make great presents! 

For the actual Glow palette, these shades are slightly too natural and fair for my skin tone but they would work perfectly on a fairer skin tone. Even though I would need a slightly darker shade, the pigmentation and formula is incredibly warm and flattering and most importantly - easy to blend to create a natural contour. If you are looking for a wearable contour and highlight kit - look no further. What do you think of the Renaissance range? I would love to know what you think! ♥ 

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