Monday, 12 June 2017

louis vuitton vertigo sunglasses ♥

Although the weather is pretty miserable today, summer is finally here and I think it's the perfect time to look for sunglasses. I think I'm pretty particular when it comes to sunglasses so when my sister brought back the Vertigo Louis Vuitton sunglasses from France, they certainly got my stamp of approval. Louis Vuitton has been one of my favourite designers for quite a while now, I personally prefer the iconic monogram pattern and when I first saw the sunglasses, I instantly noticed this pattern on the arms.
The sunglasses are called Vertigo and although the frames look fairly dark, the colour is called Dark Tortoise. You can also buy them in Black or Light Tortoise Shell. When you purchase the sunglasses, they arrive with a blue box with a suede interior, a small bag to protect the glasses and larger orange box. This is certainly one of my favourite styles from Louis Vuitton, they are comfortable to wear and they will make any outfit summer ready. What do you think of Louis Vuitton? Have you tried any of the sunglasses before? 

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