Thursday, 15 June 2017

food time - the chancery ♥

With the sun finally making an appearance, I think you will find the British public trying to make the most of the weather. I will be 100% honest, I am really not a fan of pubs. I try to avoid them like the plague because I personally prefer restaurants. When Beckenham opened The Chancery in 2014, I would casually walk past the building and often gaze at the large crowds of people enjoying their drinks outside. Fast forward three years and I have now become one of them. I went to The Chancery last weekend with Ollie and his friends. I wasn't aware that The Chancery is actually the first Gastropub in the Beckenham area so I was raring to see the menu. Be warned, we ordered quite a lot.
For starters, we ordered crab fritters with curry mayo, whole baked Camembert cheese with bread and a halloumi salad. Ollie despises salad but I never saw him eat the halloumi salad so quickly. The halloumi was grilled to perfection and the salad was rich but not too overbearing with sauce. For the crab fritters, I was very impressed with the curry mayo. I am so bored of sweet and sour sauces so it was a pleasant change to have a creamy sauce. The breadcrumbs were not overcooked and the portion sizes were pretty impressive for a starter. Finally, our last starter landed in the middle of the table. The Camembert cheese plate is meant for two but if you order a few starters, it is more than enough for four people. The bread was perfectly crisp and this made it even more enjoyable to dip into the Camembert. 

For our mains, I ordered the pan fried salmon with buttermilk, chorizo, baby gem and peas. I was certainly not disappointed. I actually asked the waitress whether I needed to order a side and she said the portion size would be more than enough. She was correct. The salmon portion was perfect and the taste was not sickly and it definitely complemented the baby gem and peas like a dream. Overall, I was really pleasantly surprised by how much I loved dining at The Chancery. I love how the pub is divided into two sections so you can eat without seeing any football playing too! Although Ollie wouldn't agree with that part... The food was incredible and the pricing was pretty impressive too. You can see the full menu and make a booking here. ♥

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