Friday, 26 May 2017

skinny tan express mousse ♥

After officially returning home from Las Vegas, I am holding onto my tan for dear life. If you are looking to keep your tan or if you need to create one from scratch, this blog post will certainly be helpful. I recently reviewed the Skinny Tan and Tone oil and I wouldn't normally post about the same brand again this soon but I was so impressed with the new Skinny Tan Express Mousse* - I was really excited to talk about the brand again and I wanted to get this review on Fairytale Kiss straight away. I think we are always looking for products that think outside the box and actually create long lasting results and this is why Skinny Tan achieve time and time again.
Before I was lucky enough to try Skinny Tan myself, I would always see rave reviews in the blogging world and the empty shelves in Superdrug. Not only is Skinny Tan vegan friendly, cruelty free and designed to tackle cellulite but the brand have now taken an extra step and created a 1 hour mousse. The mousse is designed to create a golden, bronzed tan fast and efficiently and you can control how dark you would like your tan, depending how long you keep it on for.

The Pre-Tan Primer* is a very important first step, you pair this with the Exfoliating Mitt* and voila, a perfect base is created for the mousse. I'll be honest - it has taken my years to understand how important exfoliating your skin is before tanning but once you do this easy, peasy step, you will love the Skinny Tan results. I must say, even if you aren't into tanning, the Pre-Tan Primer is just a gorgeous cream to use on your skin regardless! For the second mitt, I used the Dual Tanning Mitt*. The soft, velvet like material just took my tanning routine to the next level, it really makes a change from the usual foam like mitts I use - hello upgrade!

Because I wanted to develop my tan quite a lot, I left the tan on 4 hours before showering and when it came to the smell of the tan, I actually love that the tan has a coconut, tropical scent to it - it has certainly got me in the mood for summer! Overall, I think the Express Mousse is particularly useful for paler skin tones, you can create a subtle tan for 1 hour or if you are like me and want something more intense, you can create a deep tropical tan after a few more hours. Once you get a hang of the prep routine, this really does create professional results, without the price tag and without the need for spray tans or sun beds ♥


  1. How smart that it has a primer! This sounds great - especially for paler folks like me. Thanks for this review!

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