Friday, 7 April 2017

food time - quaqlino's ♥

If you are looking for a trip to the 1920's, make Quaqlino's your time travel machine. I visited Quaqlino's last year and I also attended a surprise birthday party last week in the private dining room. The restaurant is just a four minute walk away from Green Park tube station and the slightly hidden entrance doesn't prepare you for the beautiful interior. The doormen were incredibly friendly and polite and as they held the door for me, the cloakroom attendants immediately guided me to the check in desk and took my coat. I first made my way to the bathroom to touch up my make-up (of course), and I really love the overall atmosphere and interior of Quaqlino's, it has a fresh jazz vibe with a mixture of retro Hollywood glamour.
We all know I am celebrity obsessed so I was really excited to learn that Angelina Jolie, Alexa Chung and even Princess Diana have visited Quaqlino's in the past and Eliza Doolittle has actually performed on stage. I'll be honest, live music has never been an important element for me when it comes to dining out but last week they played a few musical covers that made my evening. The jazzy take on popular tunes from Maroon 5 and Ed Sheeran certainly made my visit extra special. For the menu, we actually had a set menu to choose from. The set dining menu for March is available to view here. For my starter I wanted to try something slightly different, I ordered the chicken liver parfait to start which was delicious, I wasn't too keen on the Madeira jelly because it was slightly strong but the pain poilane was the perfect bread to partner up with the chicken liver. 
For my main, I decided to branch away from my usual choice of chicken. I actually chose the suckling pig option. I certainly made the right choice, the crispy skin was mouth watering and the size was ideal. The rest of my friends opted for the roast chicken or sea trout but I personally think the suckling pig was the winner of the night. It had intense flavour and the presentation was very refreshing. When it came to ordering dessert, I had to stick with the chocolate marquise, feuillentine. For some reason I have been craving chocolate all week and the marquise hit the right spot, it was rich and creamy without being sickly. I could have eaten 5 more plates. 
Overall, if you are looking for a decor interior to muse at while you eat fresh and juicy dishes, Quaqlino's should definitely be on your list. The staff were incredibly attentive and we actually had a waiter serving us all night, ready to bring drinks and extra bread. The dining area is located on a balcony so it was lovely to take your cocktail and stand above the live performances. It is definitely a nice change to have more space to enjoy your evening. Have you visited to Quaqlino's before? Let me know if you are interested in a particular restaurant in London! ♥

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