Wednesday, 12 April 2017

food time - cow & pig ♥

I don't know whether its because I've started my healthy Las Vegas diet, but I cannot stop thinking about food. I have gone to a few restaurants this month and I thought I would write a few more food reviews because from this week onwards, I will be on a restaurant ban and just eating chicken and healthy greens...I can't wait... Last week I visited Cow and Pig, a modern British restaurant that is gently nestled in the middle of Bromley. Cow and Pig is literally a 5 minute walk from Ollie's flat so it is really easy for us to eat here, if you are coming from London, Bromley North or Bromley South station is your best bet for travel. To celebrate Ollie's birthday, I booked Cow and Pig for 7.30, we made our way down to the entrance and we were seated immediately.

I was absolutely starving so we ordered quite a few starters. For me, I prefer starters to a main course, don't get me wrong I do love ordering a main meal but I would happily order 3-4 starters for myself. The starter options on the Cow and Pig menu is certainly a favourite for me, no matter how many times I visit Cow and Pig, the cave matured cheddar and onion doughnuts are my go to option. The platter arrives with 6 mini doughnuts and a creamy garlic mayo is placed on the side. The cheddar just melts in your mouth and I made sure we ordered calamari rings too. Surprisingly I quite like the pork scratchings, they are really soft and bursting with flavour. After we had the starters, I ordered half a lobster with a side of thick chips, garlic butter and watercress. I usually order the burger but I am slightly feeling bored with beef. I definitely made the right choice; the lobster was easy to cut and half a lobster was more than enough. I felt like my chips needed something extra so I asked for a pot of the garlic mayo and this did the trick. 
Ollie was over the moon with his order, from the grilled menu he ordered the Cow and Pig plate of meat: orchard sausage, steak, black pudding, beef ragu, pork belly, lamb, burnet ends and chips and slaw. To complete our meal, we skipped dessert and went straight for the Espresso Martini's. Priced at £9, the Espresso Martini's were delicious and although they don't beat the Chiltern Firehouse martini selection, I really liked the fresh and slick taste from Cow and Pig. Overall, I think Cow and Pig should be on your food list, although the location is not jaw dropping, the menu is so underrated and the interior is one of the reasons why I love to eat here. The cowhide furniture is gorgeous and the fake, plastic green grass on the walls is quirky and certainly unique. Have you visited Cow and Pig before? What do you think of a British menu? You can book your table here

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