Friday, 17 February 2017

brand spotlight - charlotte tilbury ♥

I was reading a few of my old blog posts yesterday and I found a collection from 2015, it was a brand spotlight on Caudalié and Shu Uemura. I had completely forgot that I had started a brand spotlight series so I thought today would be a nice idea to restart it. With Fairytale Kiss, I do want you to visit my blog and find a review about everything - from beauty products to healthy snacks and I want to be 100% honest about what brands I love. I really adore the idea of doing a brand spotlight and saying why I think you should/shouldn't try their products. I was walking through Peter Jones today (where I spend 99% of my time) and I found myself walking towards the Charlotte Tilbury counter.

The make-up artists are so friendly and helpful and I was able to really explain what look I wanted to create. When you first look at the Charlotte Tilbury products, the packaging stands out straight away. Personally, I always get a 1950's Hollywood vibe but I think the shade range is incredibly modern and fresh. Charlotte Tilbury wants the products to create a red carpet feel and she has said before in interviews that if you want cheekbones like Jennifer Lopez or smokey eyes like Penelope Cruz, her products can help create that. She has said that she would like her collection to be inspired by celebrities rather than models and she loves creating their make-up for red carpet events.
If I had to add one product to my wish list, it would definitely be Charlotte's Magic Cream, it really just creates a warm and dewy base and you really notice a difference when you look at her Youtube tutorials. Yes, the products may be on the higher end on the price scale but when A list celebs use the products for award events, you can kinda understand why her products are so high in demand. I really think that Charlotte's range is worth the hype and if you want products that are long lasting and photo proof, I think this will be the brand for you. What do you think of Charlotte Tilbury products? Let me know what your favourite product is! 


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