Tuesday, 28 February 2017

life update #001 ♥

Hi guys, I hope everyone is doing okay. I wanted to do a general catch up post today, I think it might be nice to have a life update once in a while as well as posting about beauty and fashion. On the weekend I played bowling (and actually won...) and I drove to Gravesend on Sunday morning to a vintage market to see Harri, one of my oldest friends - we actually met when we were 18 at university and we have stayed close ever since! The market was lovely, it had a selection of food, clothes and pretty much anything 40's, 50's related. I saw so many gorgeous faux fur coats, I did see a real fur coat but I just couldn't try it on. I love the look of real fur but I just hate the thought of wearing an animal that was skinned purely for fashion. It just doesn't sit right with me! After we had a look around the market, I picked up a faux fur gilet for £6.00! I'll have to do a little outfit post wearing it, I am usually awful at wearing coats with no sleeves on, I will probably freeze to death with this weather, but I really love the style and colour of this gilet.

Monday, 27 February 2017

brand spotlight - estée lauder ♥

A few weeks ago I started my brand spotlight series again and as I was looking at the make-up counters today, I saw Estée Lauder nestled in the middle. I remember reviewing a lipstick and a pressed powder when I was interning at more! magazine, all the way back in 2012. I was thrilled to try the Estée Lauder products for the first time and I don't think the excitement has ever worn off. When I look to review a product or to judge a brand, I personally look for something exciting but also achievable. Although Jeffree Star (for example) is an incredible make-up brand, blue or yellow liquid lipsticks or neon green brow pencils really don't excite me but Kendall Jenner or Victoria Beckham partnering up with Estée Lauder? Now that gets my attention.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

netflix - the duvet playlist ♥

Image credit: Tumblr
It is time for another Netflix post! This week I wanted to talk about what new films have been added to Netflix this week. I am pretty happy Netflix has included this selection and my plan today is to just grab my duvet, make popcorn and relax. Netflix and Sunday's go together like Ben & Jerry so I think this playlist will satisfy your lazy day. I have put together quite a few Netflix playlists, including superhero films, thrillers, musicals, feel good shows and even a tearjerker list. Let me know if you are looking for a particular genre, I love putting this Netflix post together! You can see my previous Netflix posts here. Let's get started! 
This was added a few weeks ago and I'll admit, Beastly it isn't great. It is pretty cringe worthy and Vanessa Hudgen's is just annoying throughout this film but there is something very charming about it. When I was bed bound a few weeks ago, I put this on and just the soundtrack, Neil Patrick Harris and Alex Pettyfer topless make this watchable. It really is a simple plot, inspired by Beauty and the Beast - minus any magic. I remember this filmed received pretty bad reviews in 2011 when it was released but for a chill day, this is certainly a guilty pleasure. 

Sinister 2
I actually went to see this in the cinema with Ollie and when we were driving back home, he actually locked the car. He will kill me for telling you all this. I love, love, love the Sinister films. Yes, it is odd to love scary films but for some reason I love being scared! I don't usually get scared easily but the Sinister films make me jump for 2 hours solid. The plot is actually really clever and the sequel has now been added to Netflix. It continues from the first film and the detective (who has now been fired and has now turned into a private detective) is trying to protect a family that have moved into a house. Gruesome murders previously took place and now he is worried history will repeat itself.
Fifty Shades of Grey
Okay, this film is awful to watch but it is such a guilty pleasure! Just like Beastly, if it is on the TV, I will still watch it anyway. I'm sure everyone and their pet cat knows about the story line but if you don't, the plot was originally created as Twilight fan fiction. This became a book series and voila, it is now a film. I grew up watching strong female characters, from Buffy to Lois Lane and Anastasia's character really does make me want to bang my head on a table, but I don't take this film too seriously. It's a perfect film to chill out and watch...and cringe.
Madea's Witness Protection
I rarely like comedies, but Madea (played by director and actor, Tyler Perry) is pure magic. If you haven't heard of Madea before, please watch Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Her character made that film for me and she has been in quite a few films since then. Madea's Witness Protection begins with George Needleman visiting his work and finding it in havoc. It is revealed it has been secretly run by the mob and now George and his family must go into hiding for safety. They end up staying at Madea's house and craziness pretty much happens. This really isn't a serious film, it is just crazy and Madea's sense of humour and quotes are perfect. 
I was really surprised how much I liked this film when it was released. I know people have said its like The Hunger Games (I haven't seen them...) but I really like the concept of Divergent. The film is set in the future and a city is divided into five different factions. Tris (played by Shailene Woodley) discovers that she is divergent and is deemed a threat to the government because she does not fit into just one faction. She begins training in the Dauntless faction, hiding the truth and the plot develops from there. I love the chemistry with Tris and Four and the training scenes are pretty entertaining too. I'm not usually a sci-fi, futuristic genre type of girl but Divergent really is a great watch. 

Thursday, 23 February 2017

banish skincare kit ♥

If I am completely honest, feeling confident with make-up on just isn't enough for me anymore. I have always felt shy and self-conscious without wearing foundation and after having heart surgery in 2014, my shyness also spread to my chest area as well. I love the idea of skipping any face make-up for the day but I really struggle with this. When Banish* contacted me, I took the time to research the brand first to see whether they would meet my skin needs and whether I believed in their brand mission. They certainly ticked all of my boxes and it was amazing to see the Instagram videos of people from all over the world using their products to improve their skin.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

spring wish list ♥

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 
I am loving the weather at the moment, although today is slightly grey it does feel like the UK is stepping into spring. I felt quite inspired by the new season and I thought it would be nice to make a spring wish list, from beauty to bags and even books, I think the pretty pastel shades will certainly get you in the mood for warmer weather. The classic Chanel bag was the first thing on my list, I am usually not a pastel type of girl but I know it is a popular shade. This bag really is dreamy! I've tried to mix in a bit of everything, interior, make-up and even flowers. Outfit wise, the TFNC Picaso top is a dream, I love the subtle detailing and I would probably pair this with white jeans or my black leather trousers, I struggle wearing pastel colours during the spring/summer period, black leather is just my go to. What is on your spring wish list? I hope you like my choices! 

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

stila beauty favourites ♥

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the Stila Glitter Underground event. I couldn't wait to try out their new products and to also test out a few of the classic, hero products. It is safe to say that glitter is back with a bang, the 70's era has played a huge role in the new Stila collection and I couldn't wait to get swatching! The Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Liquid Eye Shadow* really stood out to me, if you know my make-up routine, I am pretty much a plain, matte type of make-up lover but I really loved the liquid eye shadow simply because it's a fresh twist on glitter eye products.

Monday, 20 February 2017

prosecco beauty treats ♥

I am feeling incredibly ill at the moment so last night I decided to run a hot bath, this always makes me happy and takes my mind off things. I was kindly sent a gift from Qwerkity* last week and I thought I would give the bath salts a try. The bath salts are part of a Prosecco gift set* and if you are a big Prosecco lover, then you will certainly be a fan of this beauty bundle. The set includes 100g of bath salts and a Prosecco flavoured lip balm, both are handmade. I only used a small amount of the bath salts but you really don't need to add much, I had the water extra hot too and as I mixed the bath salts around, the scent was instant.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

netflix - the tv playlist ♥

Image credit: Tumblr
It is time for another Netflix post! This week I wanted to talk about TV shows. I was actually quite poorly last week so I had the whole 7 days to enjoy a Netflix binge. It really is a life saver! I thought it would be nice to round up my favourite shows that you can really get your teeth into. There is a mix of true crime, history, romance and comedy. I hope you like my selection! I have put together quite a few Netflix playlists, including superhero films, thrillers, musicals, feel good shows and even a tearjerker list. Let me know if you are looking for a particular genre, I love putting this Netflix post together! You can see my previous Netflix posts here. Let's get started! 
American Crime Story: The People v. OJ Simpson 
I was really excited when I saw that Netflix added the OJ Simpson case to the TV section this week. I sadly missed the series when it aired but I will certainly be adding this to my watch list today. American Crime Story is a true crime series that is based on a particular event. The first season is based on the OJ Simpson murder trial, the second season will be about Hurricane Katrina and the third will be about the murder of Gianni Versace. If you aren't aware of the OJ Simpson case, he was a very popular NFL player who was charged with murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman. 
Autopsy: The Last 24 Hours...
So far this isn't looking like a very chirpy playlist, but I find true crime documentaries really interesting. The Autopsy series re-creates the last 24 hours of a particular celebrity that has passed away, the list includes Whitney Houston, River Phoenix, Robin Williams, Joan Rivers and quite a few more. Forensic specialists analyse the autopsy reports of the celebrity and they give their opinion about the last 24 hours of their life. I've actually been watching the autopsy report about Nicole Simpson, it definitely gives your more background information before you start the American Crime Story series.
The Tudors
If you remember watching Bend it Like Beckham, then you will probably have a crush on the beautiful Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I was absolutely obsessed with him when I was a teenager and when he starred in The Tudors, I began to appreciate how amazing he is as an actor. Jonathan plays Henry VIII and the series takes you back to the early 1500's during his reign as King. It focuses on his marriages and certainly includes drama, romance and of course, history. 
Prison Break
Prison Break is certainly one of my top 5 TV series. The story line is incredibly smart, entertaining and you will definitely become addicted. The story line begins with Michael Scofield trying to rob a bank, he is sent to prison where you meet one of the lead characters, Lincoln Burrows. He is currently on death row for murder and it is later revealed that Michael and Lincoln are brothers. Michael is determined to break Lincoln out of prison and the first season revolves around his unbelievable plan to escape while also trying to survive in the prison environment.   
If you are looking for something light and funny, Miranda is one of my favourite comedies. I would watch this show on repeat at university every week and there is still something really awkward, amazing and charming about the cast and plot. Miranda is constantly trying to fit in, she is slightly taller than her boarding school friends and she finds herself quite awkward in day to day tasks (I think she is my spirit animal). If you are looking for a lighthearted show then Miranda is definitely a good watch when you are feeling lazy and not ready to move from your bed all day, don't forget the Pizza!

Friday, 17 February 2017

brand spotlight - charlotte tilbury ♥

I was reading a few of my old blog posts yesterday and I found a collection from 2015, it was a brand spotlight on Caudalié and Shu Uemura. I had completely forgot that I had started a brand spotlight series so I thought today would be a nice idea to restart it. With Fairytale Kiss, I do want you to visit my blog and find a review about everything - from beauty products to healthy snacks and I want to be 100% honest about what brands I love. I really adore the idea of doing a brand spotlight and saying why I think you should/shouldn't try their products. I was walking through Peter Jones today (where I spend 99% of my time) and I found myself walking towards the Charlotte Tilbury counter.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

#tiptalk - how I get a perfect night's sleep ♥

For my recent posts, I've been talking about how I relax and unwind. I do find myself feeling anxious and stressed quite a bit but I have learnt a few tips and tricks along the way to keep myself relaxed and calm. I've had a combination of being ill and sleepy, plus I keep waking up in the middle of the night so I've been feeling quite cranky and tired. I thought it would be a nice idea and a fun post to tell you about my sleeping tricks that ultimately help soothe any stress and any eye bags!

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

the whimsical fashion colouring book ♥

I'm really not sure why I find colouring pencils so relaxing. With the cold winter nights still looming, I love getting into bed, making a hot chocolate and grabbing a colouring book. Adult colouring books are certainly in high demand and I love that they can help you relax and unwind. I was recently sent The Whimsical Fashion Colouring Bookto test drive and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed. The illustrations are simply beautiful and I really like that you can draw without being too accurate. I've seen quite a few colouring books that look really detailed and this just doesn't appeal to me.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

how I style my updo ♥

Hi guys, I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. I have spent the day filming (eventually I will publish my Youtube videos, eventually!) and I have also been taking blog photos. I wanted to talk about my updo tips and tricks and how I style my hair to complement my earrings. I was very kindly sent a pair of earrings from Browns Family Jewellers, the earrings are called the Vamp London Double Spike* and they are made with rose gold plating. I am not a huge lover of giant earrings so I was so excited to wear the Vamp spikes. They are very light and incredibly comfortable to wear, I love that they can add instant edge to your outfit, especially with a fun up-do.

Monday, 13 February 2017

unwash hair care ♥

With summer around the corner, I am trying to hit the gym to get my body ready for a Vegas hen do. Now because I am at the gym quite a bit, I need to wash my hair more often than I would usually do and this is becoming quite a tedious chore. I really don't want my hair turning dry and weak from over washing so I was lucky enough to try the Unwash range*. Unwash created a selection of hair products to clean your hair without sticking to the normal 'shampoo and condition' routine. The Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner* is a one step hair product that keeps your hair shiny and fresh without actually stripping away any of your natural shine and goodness.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

netflix - the musicals playlist ♥

Image credit: Tumblr
It is time for another Netflix post! This week I wanted to talk about musicals. I'll be honest - unless I am seeing a musical at a theatre, they don't really appeal to me, (apart from Disney films of course), but I thought there were quite a few classics on Netflix and I know 99% of the human population love a singing fest. I have put together quite a few Netflix playlists, including superhero films, thrillers, feel good shows and even a tearjerker list. Let me know if you are looking for a particular genre, I love putting this Netflix post together! You can see my previous Netflix posts here. Let's get started! ♥

Friday, 3 February 2017

#tiptalk - when to bin your make-up ♥

I do quite a few product reviews on Fairytale Kiss. I talk about what products work for me and what products don't, whether the post revolves around skin care, hair styling or make-up. I want Fairytale Kiss to cover everything and although product reviews are great to help you shop, I think it is really important to learn something along the way, including when to ditch certain products. Sell by dates don't just apply to food, they also covers make-up too. By law, the beauty industry doesn't have to put a sell by date on their products but there are a few signs to help you. For today's post, I wanted to round up the make-up products that you need to ditch, whether you've had them for six months or one year...♥

Thursday, 2 February 2017

valentine's day wish list ♥

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22.
Whether you are off to see Fifty Shades Darker with your girlfriends like me or if you have a romantic dinner planned with your boyfriend, I quite like Valentine's Day. I usually think of the colour scheme of red or gold so I thought it would be quite nice to put together a nice little wish list/shopping guide for the big day. If you want to add these items to your own shopping list or if you want to send this post to your other half, either way its a win, win. Let's get started - I am obsessed with the Bluebella Ella Chemise dress, the fabric looks really flattering and I think you could easily tuck this into a pair of leather trousers... I had to include the YSL Matelasse shoulder bag, how beautiful is the design and the chain? I would love to pair this with a simple, black dress - it definitely adds a lovely pop of colour. For perfume, you can't go wrong with a touch of Chanel. What do you think of my Valentine's Day gift guide? I would love to know what is on your list! How do you spend February the 14th? ♥

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

skinchemist rose quartz facial oil ♥

L O V E is certainly in the air. I have been dying to get this post published because I was really excited to share my latest skincare find. It is no secret that I am awful at my skincare routine, I do struggle to take my make-up off every single night (I am working on it - I promise) but in general my skin can look dull, dry and pretty much in need of some TLC. When SkinChemists sent over this little package, I was really curious to see what the product could do. I have been testing out the SkinChemist Rose Quartz Age Defence Youth Facial Oil* and this cute and dinky bottle provides a serious amount of love for your face and with the pretty pink liquid, I think this would make a great present for Valentine's Day or for Mother's Day.
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