Thursday, 19 January 2017

interior wishlist - john lewis ♥

Another day, another chance to look at interior items. I recently went to Peter Jones in Chelsea and I found myself looking at the different home items. The store is absolutely huge and they pretty much cover everything starting from high tech cameras to designer stilettos. I only went inside to have a look at the camera section, (I really want to start vlogging and I think a Canon 70d is a pretty good option), but I ended up looking at the home department. I am loving giant, fluffy pillows right now and Peter Jones has a seriously impressive selection.

I love that the store sections the products by style and brand, it makes things much easier to find and I think the plain white interior pieces look lovely. I found the sweet section right next to the photo frames and I was instantly drawn to the Charbonnel et Walker truffles. You can find all products above on the John Lewis website, what interior items are you loving right now? I'm a big fan of the hydrangeas in the fishbowl! ♥


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  2. These fur pillows are pretty amazing! I want a couple of black ones for my apartment. It will match in contrast to my white walls.

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  6. All of those interior items looks so stunning! The interior design of my office is just the worst because the items doesn't match and harmonize with each other. Some colors are too bright, others are too dull, it very hard to stare at it for long. I was thinking that maybe, I can stick with one thing and buy different items of the same style and color, it would be better to look at if I did it like that I guess.

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