Monday, 30 January 2017

healthy snacking ♥

Since joining the gym last year, (a late starter I know...) I have been really looking at what I put in my body. Yes, we know I take healthy vitamin tablets, but I also wanted to change the food I particular what snacks I have. I will always been obsessed with crisps, dip and anything cheese related so it was a struggle to change my eating habits. Don't get me wrong, I still love to treat myself now and then but I have also learnt to love healthier options. Let's get started with my beloved nakd bars.

I only started to become obsessed with them about three - four months ago, I always had in my head that they would contain lots of sugar sugar but after reading the back of the packet, I was really impressed that they are vegan and gluten free! I love the Cocoa Delight flavour - definitely a better alternative to a chocolate bar... I am crazy about crisps but they really make me bloat, (covering them in salsa and nacho cheese probably doesn't help either), finding a healthier alternative has been pretty tricky but I accidentally bought a pack of Hippeas a few months ago and I was really surprised that they look like Wotsits but they are actually made from chickpeas. Each pack is gluten-free, vegan, free from MSG and they are a great source of protein. Pepper Power is my favourite flavour and at 90 calories a bag, they are light and tasty!  

If you have seen me ramble about Graze on my Twitter, then you will know that they are currently half price at Boots right now. Yep, 59p is pretty good for a little Graze box and what I love most about Graze is that they don't include any nasty ingredients. I think that is what I look for in my healthy snacks now, I want simple ingredients, no nasty surprises. I want to look at the back of a product and know exactly what's inside. So there we have my top favourite snacks, what healthy snacks do you love right now? 


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  2. interesting choice. since i have started to do yoga, I am more careful about what I drink and what I eat as well. this can only work in complex - sport and healthy food. thank you for the tips, I really appreciate this.


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