Monday, 9 January 2017

get the look with stila - emily ratajkowski ♥

Good morning girls, I hope you are having a lovely start to the week. I am back from Australia and ready to start 2017 with lots of blog posts! I'm starting my Get the Look 2017 series with the beautiful Emily Ratajkowski from last night's Golden Globe event. It was so hard to pick someone today but I have the biggest girl crush on Emily and I thought she looked stunning. While doing my research on this look, I was really surprised how simple Emily's make-up was, I love that she let her eye shadow do the talking. I thought it would be easier to just focus on one make-up brand today and I have been obsessed with Stila for years now so I think they make the perfect choice. For Emily's skin, I would start off by colour correcting any redness with the Stila One Step Corrector or if you prefer a more precise approach, you can use the Colour & Perfect correcting palette.
Once you have your base ready you can add a subtle touch of foundation and then finish by gently adding a warm blusher to your cheeks. For Emily's eyes, a lovely copper shadow is all you really need, you can add a few lash extensions to your lashes but make sure you skip any liquid liner. For her lips, the nude lipstick has a subtle orange/coral tone so I would mix together the Stila lip liner in Marsala and dab on the Colour Balm lipstick in the shade Maya. This is pretty much all you need to use to create Emily's look, it is a lovely and warm make-up look and the Stila range is pretty nifty at lasting for hours! What do you think of Emily's look? I would love to know what make-up look you are loving from the Golden Globes! You can find the entire Stila product range here

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