Sunday, 1 January 2017

2017 new year resolutions ♥

I can't express how amazing this year has been. I scheduled this post at the start of December so by the time you read this, I will be in Australia celebrating the New Year with my boyfriend and his family! I can't believe how much I have traveled in 2016. I have finally been to New York, Barcelona and Australia. I bought my first car, although I still haven't been on a motorway yet. The past few months I have really dived back into blogging and I feel like I have found my real passion. Fairytale Kiss has been around for almost six years now and I really want to start a Youtube channel and push myself. Depending on how much I save, I would love to buy my first house with Ollie. I have spent all year looking at interior photo's on Tumblr and I cannot wait to start decorating our first house together. I also joined a gym for the first time and I am so surprised how much I enjoy it. I still don't have abs or a tiny waist but I will keep going. I really hope 2017 will be as fantastic as this year, I have certainly learnt a lot about myself and I have not been happier. What plans do you have for the New Year? I would love to see what resolutions you have made! ♥

2016 New Year Resolutions:
Buy a car
Find a balance with my blog, schedule photos and posts every weekend
Spend more time reading
♥ Starting making Youtube videos
Start saving to move out
♥ Drink 5 glasses of water a day and cut out salt and sugar 
Keep my stomach toned
Go to New York, Paris and Miami 
♥ Buy a Louis Vuitton bag 
♥ Stop buying clothes that I don't need!
♥ Cut down on eating at restaurants 
Go jogging in the evenings
Reach 2,500 followers on Fairytale Kiss

2017 New Year Resolutions:
♥ Start making Youtube videos
♥ Grow my readership to 12,000 followers 
♥ Buy my first house with Ollie in December/January 
♥ Continue to go to the gym 
♥ Learn basic Spanish 
♥ Go to Paris and Italy
♥ Buy a Louis Vuitton bag
♥ Stop buying clothes I don't need 
♥ Treat myself to something once a month 
♥ Learn to cook healthy dishes 
♥ Improve my blog photos 
♥ Drive on the motorway 
♥ Keep saving money every month 

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  1. You crossed an awful lot of your resolutions off last year. Great job! Love what you put on your list for this year. Have a wonderful New Year!


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