Tuesday, 17 October 2017

#tiptalk - embracing your style ♥

Jacket: Calvin Klein Dress: New Look Boots: Primark 
I am 100% guilty of comparing myself to others, as soon as I have a phone in my hand I am scrolling through social media and putting myself down. It is a pretty bad habit and as a blogger, it made me think that I had to change my own personal style to fit in with other bloggers and certain celebrity trends. I saw a really nice quote on Sarah Ashcroft's Instagram photo today: "Too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener." This quote is pretty amazing and really relevant for today's #TipTalk chat. A few months ago I began to question my own style and I felt a constant need to change my leopard print dress for a floaty floral dress.

Monday, 16 October 2017

cari's closet - the sequin gown ♥

Cari's Closet - Bella Sequin Gown*
There is something magical about today's blog post. I never went to prom so when I tried on this dress, I felt like I was an extra for the 10 Things I Hate About You movie. We all know I love to be ostentatious when it comes to my wardrobe and this dress certainly ticks that box. As soon as I saw it on Cari's Closet*, I was incredibly excited when it arrived at my doorstep. I was eager to find the perfect location to take the photos and luckily my local park had a beautiful area to match the glamorous style of the dress.

Monday, 9 October 2017

the relaxation wishlist ♥

Well this post is pretty exciting. I feel all tech and gadget savvy after putting this blog post together, I thought it would be nice to create a wish list purely dedicated to products that can help you relax and unwind. The top of my list has to be music, I love making a hot bath and putting Simply Red on. Whenever I feel stressed, Ollie always runs me a bath and grabs his iPhone playlist. It can be quite tricky because I am always worried I'll get his phone wet but Panasonic have actually just released a set of waterproof speakers. The Panasonic Waterproof Bluetooth speakers* are perfect for the bathroom and I love that you can get them in black or white - they are certainly on my relaxation wish list!

I have also included a few make-up essentials, I think skin care products are a great way to relax and the Stila Beauty Balm is a great way to let your skin breathe but the cream still makes your skin glow. Finally for the hair section of my wish list, I have to stick with one of my favourite hair care brands, the Redken hair masks not only improve the quality of your hair but they also smell delicious! So grab your Ben & Jerry's and Buffy box set and spend some time away from your phone or laptop, I really find this helps me unwind. What do you think of my picks? I would love to know how you relax and zone out 

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

#tiptalk - the alone zone ♥

Whether you have a big work presentation due or if you are heading off to a blog event, sometimes you are required to do things by yourself. It can be pretty daunting and I have never really had a problem with doing something alone. I have been attending blog events since I was 21 years old and I have never gone to an event with anyone else. For the past few weeks I have started to feel really nervous attending blog events and I wanted to write this blog post about how I overcome my nerves. Even if you aren't a blogger, hopefully this #TipTalk post will help you for everyday events that you face by yourself.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

skinny caffe - a healthier alternative ♥

It has been a while since I drifted to the health and food side on Fairytale Kiss, but to be honest, I've been feeling slightly underwhelmed by the health and fitness world recently. The colder season has arrived and I much prefer a warm take-away on the sofa than chewing apples and running in the gym. That being said, I am trying to push myself to keep healthy and active and I need all the energy I can get. When Skinny Coffee* arrived at my door a few weeks ago, I made sure that I did my research. I would never feature any fad products on my blog because I believe in being honest and I want to talk about products I love and want to shout about. Meet The Skinny Coffee - this is certainly a game changer.

Monday, 2 October 2017

girls on film - vinyl jacket ♥

Trench coat: Girls On Film Dress: Forever 21 (similar) Boots: ASOS (similar from EGO)
This is a very exciting week. After months of searching I have finally found my dream coat. We all know I am quite the Buffy and Batman addict so my obsession with leather, PVC and vinyl clothes has been with me since I was a teenager. I ordered three to four different coats trying to find a style and size that suited me but I personally couldn't wear a trench coat without the fabric being too big for my frame. This coat is from Girls On Film, I tried the coat on in the London Debenhams store and I fell in love with the fit and the fabric instantly.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

#tiptalk - things to do in london ♥

You know when you have a light bulb moment? I was scrolling through my blog posts and I realised that I have never really talked about why I love London so much. Living in Bromley makes me pretty lucky because I am 20 minutes away from Victoria so I can always get to London pretty quickly. I thought it would be quite nice to write about my favourite things to do in London, whether I am having a date night with Ollie or having a food session with the girls. I've kept this list pretty budget friendly too but I will do a jazzier and expensive version soon but personally, I do love this list - you don't need to spend a fortune in London to have a great time. Let me know what you think of my picks and what your favourite London activity is!


Tuesday, 26 September 2017

halloween costumes - dog friendly ♥

Okay this blog post is slightly different to my usual fashion and beauty posts but as soon as the Halloween season approaches, all of the rules go out of the window. For some reason, Halloween just adds a touch of magic to my routine and I was even more excited when I saw that natural dog food suppliers Feedem* have created a list of Halloween costume ideas! Yes, you can actually dress up your pet for Halloween - dreams really do come true. If you are looking to read a fun and light hearted blog post today, grab your hot chocolate and prepare to scroll through quite a few Halloween costume ideas for yes, your dog. Let the Halloween season begin!

Monday, 25 September 2017

the luxe link - floral lace dress ♥

As promised, this is part two of my Luxe Link blog post. This Floral Lace Dress* is from ABS and I fell in love with the unique lace pattern. This is definitely suitable for the summer nights on holiday or you can dress this up as a winter/autumn gown. With part one of this blog post, I explain how the Luxe Link service works and I was lucky enough to review this dress as part of the service, I picked this dress because the detailing and style is classic but still stylish, I don't think this dress will go out of season anytime soon and I certainly think Prue Halliwell will approve. The fur coat is actually from Zara, I wanted to make this outfit more winter friendly, especially now that we are in the colder end of 2017.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

september beauty wish list ♥

It feels like I haven't been shopping in forever. Pay day is slowly around the corner but it is taking forever. I have seen so many exciting new launches in the beauty world recently and I thought it would be nice to create a classic wish list. I haven't made a beauty focused shopping list for quite some time so I hope you enjoy looking at my picks. The Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye palette is already causing quite the stir on my Twitter and Instagram feed, everyone is talking about it. The colours look incredible and I am dying to see what the swatches look like. Hair product wise, Redken have pretty much saved my hair, it was in quite bad shape a few months ago but the Extreme range has put it back on track, now my hair is healthier the Redken Soft range is now at the top of my wish list.

The slight temperature drop can leave my hair feeling dry and brittle, I have read so many amazing reviews about the Soft range for rescuing dry hair types. Make-up wise, of course I had to include the Fenty highlighter in this post, the Trophy Wife shade looks out of this world and the swatches that I have seen online speaks for itself. What do you think of my beauty picks this month? Let me know what new beauty product you have been dying to try? On a side note, my house is being decorated so it is making filming pretty tricky, but you can catch up with my recent Youtube videos here

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

the luxe link - little black dress ♥

Black Dress: LIKELY Elizabeth Black Velvet Dress*
There is something magical about a little black dress, it never goes out of fashion and whether it is the summer or winter season, I always have one close by. I was incredibly excited when The Luxe Link contacted me about their services, if you haven't heard of Luxe Link, prepare to be bedazzled. If you spend your time glued to Instagram looking at beautiful clothes from designer stores in the Big Apple stores like me, then you will understand how excited I was when an email from The Luxe Link arrived, they specialise is achieving the impossible and they make your shopping dreams come true. If you have found your dream dress in New York, Luxe Link will post it over to you without the usual hefty shipping fee.

Friday, 15 September 2017

the bioderma sensibio range ♥

I spend my time running around London or trying to jog in my gym and as you can imagine, this doesn't have a nice effect on my skin when I am trying to cram in my to-do list as well. I personally believe that our skin reflects our lifestyle and mood, if you are constantly tired or stressed, this reflects on the appearance of your skin and usually my skin is pretty oily but lately it has been very sensitive, dull and messy. Now I know that most people have heard of the Bioderma Micelle Solution H2O - this make-up remover is praised heavily so I was thrilled when the Bioderma Sensibio collection* arrived at my door to try out for myself. My skin was in a slightly different mood when I started testing this range out so I was very curious to see how it would react to new products, especially ones that are designed for sensitive skin types.

Monday, 11 September 2017

spicing up your autumn wardrobe ♥

When it comes to my autumn and winter wardrobe I used to really struggle feeling comfortable wearing layers or big jumpers. If you scroll through Fairytale Kiss then you will know I love wearing fitted outfits and I pretty much copy anything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now the weather is slightly colder and the leaves are turning a crispy, golden brown I wanted to write a blog post about how I still wear fitted clothes without catching a cold and freezing to death. Of course there is nothing wrong with wearing jeans and baggy jumpers but I personally love wearing mini dresses and bold boots. If you want to browse different brands and styles, Lyst is a pretty helpful website.

Friday, 8 September 2017

makeup obsession glitter brushes ♥

Hi guys, for today's post I wanted to talk about a particular set of make-up brushes. I was very excited when the Makeup Obsession Trend Glitter Set* arrived at my door and it inspired me to write about my first impressions of the Glitter Set from Makeup Obsession. As first impressions go, I was pretty amazed when I opened this package. The brush designs hit me instantly and I think they are fresh, funky and definitely suitable for someone who loves a dash of glitter. The brushes arrived in a large silver box so I immediately thought this set would make a great gift. - I think a large box adds a nice touch to present wrapping. The set includes four different brushes that are designed for your face and eyes.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

youtube - let's visit rush hair salon ♥

Hi guys! I am back with a brand new video, I finally got to take my new camera out with me and I have always wanted to film my experiences with make-up and hair treatments. I travelled to Chiswick to the Rush Hair salon* and I had a cut and finish. I have actually put together a blog review about my experience but I have also published the video too. I hope you enjoy watching, let me know what you think of my hair! I am thinking about getting the chop but I'm not too sure whether I should keep my current length. Have a lovely evening girls and I hope you are enjoying my Youtube videos so far! ♥

Monday, 4 September 2017

rosegal wishlist - autumn coats ♥

Hi guys, I hope you are all having a lovely start to the week. Besides from drinking a few gin and tonics at the weekend, I actually spent a few hours shopping in town yesterday. I have probably said this 100 times but we all know I hate the winter weather but I really love autumn/winter fashion. For today's blog post, I wanted to do a fun and fast wish list from the coat section at RoseGal. They have such an amazing list of options and I thought now would be a great time to start writing this post. My favourite coat has to be number 6 and 7, they are pretty bold but I love the faux fur and the brown material. What do you think of my Rosegal picks? You can find the full list of autumn coats here and if you are not ready for autumn coats yet, they also have a selection of gorgeous long chiffon dresses ♥ 

Friday, 1 September 2017

#tiptalk - the perfect night's sleep ♥

Mattress: Leesa*
I don't know about you but I really used to struggle to get enough sleep. I would often find myself yawning at my desk and I needed coffee to save me. Whether you are scrolling through your Twitter timeline or your Facebook news feed, I think you will find this is a really common problem. I was really tired of feeling tired during the day so I decided to put my detective hat on and find out exactly what makes you tired and how you can improve your sleeping routine. Sleep is so important and not only does it make you feel more alert during the day but it can really benefit your health, it allows your body to heal and repair itself and I didn't actually know that sleeping can reduce the risk of more serious health conditions including heart disease and high blood pressure.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

#lifegoals - september ♥

Dress: Zara (Similar) Heels: Topshop (Similar)
I am always trying to improve my blog and my life - I think we all are, right? It is no secret that I am awful, awful, awful at keeping organised and on top of things, whether this is life or creating content for Fairytale Kiss. Now that I have started Youtube, I have another area of my life that I want to grow and succeed in, I am really excited to start Youtube but I don't want to let my personal goals slip either. I was having a read through my old posts and I noticed that I haven't looked at my New Year resolutions in a while. We are a day away from September and I thought it would be a nice idea to set a few goals for myself, for each month. I have started with September and I will reflect on them every month. Let's hope I can keep on track!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

youtube - asos & missguided satin haul ♥

Today I have posted my latest video. I am quite proud of the editing and I was really eager to film my first haul. For today's haul I wanted to focus on satin dresses. I am loving this trend right now so I was very happy when my parcels arrived from Missguided and ASOS. The first dress I try on is from NaaNaa clothing, it is a gorgeous, deep navy shade. You can actually find the full list of outfits in my video bio. I will also be starting a haul series that focuses on different trends, I think my next haul video will include a few PVC outfits. Let me know what you think of this video and don't forget to subscribe for instant updates from my Youtube channel ♥

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

the gentleman's drive charity ♥

You can donate to my dad's charity page here: Ralph Leech
I am incredibly proud of my dad. I'm very lucky that my mum and dad have always supported me and this week, my dad really needs my support. After beating cancer, he is healthier than ever and he has actually joined a organisation called The Gentleman's Drive Charity. Thousands of bike owners will drive around the world to raise money to fight prostate cancer and to beat mental health. I am incredibly proud that my dad is taking part and I wanted to write this blog post to share his donation page, you can donate here. Whether it is £1 or £100, it would really make a difference to donate and help fight this battle against cancer and mental health.

Friday, 25 August 2017

brand spotlight - chloé ♥

I have always said that I will feature brands that I love on Fairytale Kiss. I want my blog to be positive and honest and I have kept true to this for years. With my brand spotlight series, I love talking about brands I really love and I always buy from but today I actually wanted to write about a brand that I haven't bought from before. This post is a mixture of a brand spotlight and also a first impression post. I have never bought anything from Chloé but I visited the store a few weeks ago and I thought this really would make an interesting post. If you take a look through Fairytale Kiss, you will know that I am obsessed with YSL, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Versace.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

#tiptalk - how to smile more ♥

After attending a beautiful wedding at the weekend, I was surrounded by my friends and family. I think I spent 99% of my time laughing and smiling (or eating). My phone was hidden in my clutch bag and I enjoyed being around everyone without thinking of social media or any unneeded drama. Currently I am the happiest I have ever been but rewind back to 2014 and this certainly wasn't the case. I thought I would write this post to talk about how I stay positive and how I always try to see the bigger picture. It certainly isn't easy and I am definitely not an expert but after surviving heart surgery and dealing with my dad having cancer, I thought I would share my tips about how I still keep smiling.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

youtube - vlog #02 alicante ♥

Hi guys, I hope you have all had a lovely Wednesday. I am really excited to share with you my latest Youtube video. This is actually my second vlog but it is my first travel vlog to Alicante. Ollie and I travelled to Alicante a few months ago and I thought it would make a lovely video, we travelled to Elche and took some gorgeous photos of the buildings and we also did some much needed shopping. We also travelled to Valencia afterwards but I am actually saving this for my next travel video. I really hope you enjoy watching today's video, let me know if you want me to film something in particular. I will be posting my next video next Wednesday 

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

current skin favourites - august ♥

For today's post I wanted to write a short and sweet review about my current favourite beauty products. When it came to picking my favourite skin care products, I wanted to include products that have given me fast results. If you haven't caught up on the beauty side of Fairytale Kiss, then you can find my past reviews on the Skinchemist range here. I have been very lucky to try a few products from the Skinchemists range and I was really excited when the skinChemists Rose Quartz Hydrating & Illuminating Day Moisturiser* arrived at my door. I wasn't expecting this type of moisturiser so I was eager to start testing it. Like I've said previously, I am not a big fan of rose scents but the Rose Oil that I had previously used was not overbearing. When I removed the bottle from the packaging, I was relieved that the scent was not too harsh either.

Monday, 21 August 2017

#tiptalk - treating yourself ♥

Lace Vest and Shorts: Boohoo
After spending my weekend as a maid of honour, it was an incredible experience getting ready with the bride. It gave me inspiration to write today's blog post, I wanted to talk about how you should really treat and pamper yourself. We started the morning nice and early with a glass of prosecco and then the pamper session began. From face masks to fake tan, it made me realise how relaxing beauty products can be and I don't think I spend enough time switching off my phone and enjoying treatments. I think once in awhile, you should allow yourself to be totally selfish. Treat yourself to those silk pjs or book yourself that massage - not only will you benefit your wardrobe or skin but I think it can help you mentally.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

food time - pizza express ♥

When it comes to writing my Food Time series, I thought it would be nice to talk about Pizza Express. I have been eating at Pizza Express for years (who hasn't!) so I was particularly eager to write this review after trying the new summer menu. I have been three times over the past few weeks and I have been ordering the new Pollo Milanese constantly. I visited the Pizza Express on Kings Road on Monday and honestly, I felt so relaxed after my visit. I had my own private table and I was able to catch up on my blog emails and sit in sunshine. I don't like to visit restaurants just for the food, I love the overall experience of eating out and if you can't cook, like myself, visiting a restaurant is always a slice of heaven and relief. 

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

youtube - vlog #01 ♥

Hi guys I hope you are all having a lovely week. I have just posted a brand new video on my Youtube channel. You can find my channel link here. For today's video I wanted to film a vlog, I thought it would be nice to move away from my dressing table and show you what I get up to on a weekend. Ollie was away on a work trip so I had a very chilled and relaxed few days which included editing, dog walking and eating! We also went house hunting and went to the most beautiful pub, again...there is quite a lot of food in this video. I hope you liked my first vlog and if you would like me to film anything in particular, let me know. You can find the full video below ♥

Monday, 14 August 2017

rush hair salon - chiswick ♥

Yesterday morning I was kindly invited to the Rush Hair salon in Chiswick*, the store is a simple tube journey from Victoria station. As soon as I arrived I felt instantly welcomed by the team, I was treated to fresh apple juice (my favourite) and a selection of chocolate and biscuits. I was seated and my personal consultation began. I actually brought my camera with me so I was able to film the entire appointment! I will be editing that this week and posting the video on my Youtube channel soon. Now when it came to the consultation I was quite worried about my hair losing thickness and body, I still wanted to keep my length but my ends were slightly damaged - okay...they were really, really damaged.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

the b.makeup range ♥

My best friend is a huge fan of B.Makeup*, I remember she was patiently waiting for Superdrug to bring the revamped products back in store and voila, I was kindly sent a delicious selection from the newly designed range so I can now tell her all the juicy details! When it comes to Superdrug, I have been a loyal supporter since I first started buying make-up at the age of 12-13, to have them send over B. is a big pinch me moment so I am really excited to write this review! I think one of the reasons why B. is such a loved brand is because it is designed with vegans in mind while also being suitable for all skin types. My make-up is always based around warm, neutral tones and the selection of shades that I have been testing have really matched my taste and style.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

august shopping picks ♥

Last night Ollie and I went to Tesco's. It was absolutely freezing so I grabbed one of my faux fur coats and trotted around the aisles. Considering it is almost the middle of August, the weather is slightly confusing my wardrobe. We went to see Dunkirk on Sunday and it was incredible, before we made our way to the cinema in Notting Hill, we popped into a small vintage shop. At the back I spotted a giant rack of fur coats, some real, some fake. Although I love the look of real fur, I personally don't feel comfortable wearing it. As I was trying on the faux fur coats on Sunday, it made me want to create a big shopping list.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

youtube - the titanic quiz ♥

When I first decided to film Youtube videos, I knew I would have to grab my best friend Jenny and film a Titanic quiz. We have been watching this film for years and I even grabbed two white boards to prepare for this video. It took us quite a while to film because we couldn't stop laughing! This is just something silly and lighthearted to watch, I thought it would make a nice change to include some film and TV on my Youtube channel and this film is a pretty amazing place to start because we have watched this film 1405405 times. I hope you guys enjoy watching and let me know if you want us to film something else. You can see my other videos here


Monday, 7 August 2017

#tiptalk - managing my blog ♥

Dress: Zara Heels: Zara (Similar) Bag: Zara
For today's #TipTalk post, I wanted to talk about my blog routine. I've had quite a few messages lately asking how I manage my blog and social media channels so I thought it would make an interesting post. I have been writing Fairytale Kiss for about 6 years now but I would say that over the past year and a half I have really pushed myself and given my blog 100%. One day I would love to be able to blog and film Youtube videos full time and I am very lucky that my current job gives me an incredible amount of freedom and time to make Fairytale Kiss a priority. I am not an expert in blogging, I have a combined following of around 9,500 followers across my blog and social media so I am not hitting the million mark just yet but I am amazed that people follow my blog and I can't believe Fairytale Kiss has been viewed over 1,148,000 times.

Friday, 4 August 2017

youtube - what's in my travel bag ♥

Happy Friday girls! I hope you have all had a lovely week. I wanted to share my second Youtube video with you. I am talking about what I carry in my travel bag. After my first Youtube video, I wanted to dive in with my holiday bag, it was still packed with a few items from Las Vegas so you can get a real insight into how much stuff I take with me! From sunglasses to beauty products, I cover quite a bit. I really hope you like this video, you can click 'read more' to see the video below. Let me know if you would like me to film a particular topic ♥

Thursday, 3 August 2017

brand spotlight - jo malone ♥

It has been a while since I made a brand spotlight post. I have covered quite a few brands and I love talking about my favourite beauty and fashion shops, from the brand style to the actual products. Today I wanted to talk about one of my favourite brands, Jo Malone. I popped into the Sloane Square store yesterday and I had a peek at the new launches and I also admired the iconic and classic products. The store interior has always made a lasting impression on me, it definitely matches the product packaging and the luxurious and elegant designs look flawless as soon as you step inside.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

romwe yellow bikini ♥

Yellow Bikini: Romwe*
I am looking out of my window right now. It feels more like a chilly, October afternoon than the second day of August. I have been browsing through my holiday photos from Alicante and Valencia and I found a few bikini photos that we took before we caught our flight home. I am really craving the sun right now but a few photos will have to do while our British weather turns around. I was lucky enough to get contacted by Romwe*, a rather hip and trendy clothing site. I was pretty overwhelmed by how many clothes they had on the website but luckily everything is easily organised with a touch of a button.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

redken extreme range ♥

I am way overdue to get a hair trim, I am desperately trying to keep my hair length but sadly the ends are becoming more and more damaged - because of this, my hair is pretty dry and weak. I've tried quite a few hair products to keep my hair strong and less brittle but to be honest, its been pretty hit and miss most of the time. I was kindly sent a care package from Redken* and yes, I did have an excited squeal when the products arrived, most salons stock Redken and they have always been known for their high quality results. With all of the products I test and review on Fairytale Kiss, I like to use the products for a few weeks to really see how well they work. I started using the range straight after I came back from Alicante, the sun had left my hair incredibly dry and flat so I was excited to see what the Extreme range would do.

Friday, 28 July 2017

pay day shopping #001 ♥

Payday has finally arrived! I thought I would round up my favourite items this week and show you what I've been lusting after. I had to include this leopard print Dolce & Gabbana dress, the fit looks incredible and I would love to treat myself to this dress. I am a firm believer in treating yourself, especially when you work hard and make sacrifices - shopping is definitely a little reward that can help you brighten up your wardrobe and your make-up bag. I am loving snake print and leopard print and this year has been a perfect example of how well animal print works with clothes, especially dresses. To see my full list of shopping treats, you can simply click 'read more' below.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

frénésies at the hilton hotel ♥

A few weeks ago I was kindly sent to the Hilton hotel in Mayfair to try an exciting treatment. For as long as I can remember, my leg and underarm hair have always grown at an alarming rate (even though the hair on my scalp has annoyingly stayed the same length for years) so I was very excited to try a new treatment from a brand called Frénésies*. As I made my way to the Hilton, I was guided downstairs to Spa To You, I was greeted with fresh lemon water and the Frenesies treatment was explained to me.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

the shein black dress ♥

No matter what the weather is like, I will always reach for black outfits. It is my favourite colour and I always feel more confident wearing it. When SHEIN asked me to review one of their dresses, I fell in love with this black spaghetti dress*, it is simple, classic and yes...I picked it because I've seen Kim Kardashian wearing something very similar. Although I don't have Kim's curves, I still felt confident wearing this outfit, it is incredibly comfy and I couldn't help but pair it with a my Zara leopard print sandal heels. We all know how obsessed I am with leopard print!

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

hello youtube ♥

Top: Zara | Denim shorts: Vintage
Hello guys, I hope you are all having a lovely start to the week! I cannot believe I am finally writing this blog post. It is official, I finally have a Youtube channel. I published my first ever video yesterday and I couldn't be more excited that I've branched out to a new platform. I have wanted to film Youtube videos for ages and I have finally got around to doing it. I will be posting once a week and hopefully I will be able to create two videos a week. I will still be posting on Fairytale Kiss so you will be able to read with your coffee and nachos or watch me ramble on your screen!

Monday, 24 July 2017

the uk swimwear range ♥

UK Swimwear Bikini*
Hi guys, I am back from my holiday with Ollie and I am back at my laptop typing away. I am sorry I couldn't bring back the beautiful Spanish weather with me but if you are jetting off to a hot country soon, hopefully this blog post will get you in the mood for summer. I am really excited to write this post because I am actually using my new Canon camera - yes, Ollie was my official camera man while we were in Alicante and Valencia and he kindly took these photos for me. I was over the moon when UK Swimwear contacted me and when this beautiful bikini arrived, I fell in love instantly. If you follow me on Instagram then you will know that I love leopard print, silk, glitter and anything that is covered with sequins - this Vacanze Italine bikini is definitely my idea of perfection.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

the wholefoods event ♥

On Monday evening I made my way to Kensington High Street to the Wholefood Market, on the ground floor, Pukka, Neom and Skin & Tonic were holding a healthy body and beauty event. I was very excited when this particular event invite popped in my inbox, over the past year I have really swayed to natural, vegan and healthy products that benefit your inside and outside so I was dying to see what Pukka's Island of Tranquility had in store! I will be writing a closer review on the different ranges but I wanted to show you the event photos.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

#tiptalk - healthy skin ♥

Hi girls I hope you are all having a lovely start to the week! For today's post I wanted to write a TipTalk post about skincare. With summer in full steam ahead, I think now is the perfect time to spring clean your skincare routine and one of the best ways to do this is to look at your skin from a nutritional point of view. Today's post will be full of healthy facts, courtesy of Omega 7* - I thought it would make a change to have a factual blog post and hopefully you will find this post useful.

Monday, 10 July 2017

natural beauty slimming protein powder ♥

We all know that I love using vegan beauty products, the same can be said with the food and drink I have. If I can have a vegan option, I will always choose it. When it comes to my diet, I think my body actually prefers vegan food, I always feel less bloated and I like knowing exactly what I am putting into my body. I've been trying to step up my gym routine and I was really excited when Natural Beauty Slimming contacted me, I was kindly sent a pack of the Vegan Pea Protein powder* in the flavour Chocolate Cookie. If a brand does email me about food or gym related products, I usually turn them down because I like to be very careful with what I try. After doing my research on Natural Beauty Slimming, I loved that the brand caters to vegans and people who suffer with IBS.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

online sale shopping ♥

I have seriously got sale shopping fever today. I spend my days scrolling through website after website and trying to avoid visiting shops as much as I possibly can. I just find it much easier to shop online and while I'm trying to save, I only really shop when there is a sale on. I used to find this sale shopping idea very hard to stick to but how many times have you purchased a dress full price then walked past it a week later while its wearing a new 50% off sticker? If you've ever walked into T K Maxx the thought of pushing through rail after rail is very tedious but I didn't know you can actually search for hundreds of sale products in one location.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

sale shopping #001 ♥

Sandals: H&M Dress: Missguided Kimono: River Island
Sale season is in full swing and I'm slightly late to the party but I thought it would be nice to share some of my favourite sale shopping picks. I have tried to keep this post mainly high street but there are a few designer items in my picks! I actually ordered quite a few of the River Island and Topshop items last week so I will be doing a few outfit posts if the clothes arrive before the weekend. I am really loving satin dresses at the moment, I think the texture is super light and perfect for the warm weather. I'm not really a fan of prints, so most of my shopping picks are quite plain but I think this makes it easier to dress up or down! I hope you like what I've put together, I will also be making a beauty sale shopping list too.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

joico structure glamtex backcomb effect spray ♥

After attacking my hair with heated styling products and brushes over the years, my hair thickness has slowly decreased. I need extra assistance when it comes to styling my hair now and I was very excited when the Joico Structure Glamtex Backcomb Effect Spray* landed through my postbox. Now before I begin my review, although this product was kindly sent to me, over the months I have been using it, I really have loved the product so much that I actually purchased a new spray last week when the Joico Glamtex spray ran out.

Monday, 3 July 2017

luxury beauty favourites ♥

I have spent my entire week watching Jeffree Star and Patrick Starrr videos. They are incredible at creating glam make-up looks, especially when they are reaching for Dior or Chanel beauty products. You all know my thoughts on luxury brands, the beautiful packaging can give you something a little extra - you can find my brand spotlight series here. I thought it would be nice to talk about my top four luxury beauty favourites, from perfume to face serum. Lets start with one of my favourite brands, Yves Saint Laurent. Not only do I dream about owning a YSL bag, I also dream about their beauty range. The gold lettering does it for me everytime. I started using the YSL Beauty Serum last year and I have been obsessed with it ever since.

Friday, 30 June 2017

the oud milano event ♥

Hi girls, I hope you are having a lovely start to your Friday. If you follow me on Instagram then you will have seen that I attended the Oud Milano event a few weeks ago. Oud Milano has recently opened a store on Oxford Street, I was lucky enough to receive an invitation to the beauty launch and I had the chance to receive a make over using the Oud Milano range. We all know I am make-up obsessed and the Oud Milano products are known for intense pigmentation - another reason why I was so excited to attend the event!

Thursday, 29 June 2017

food time - CAU ♥

Last weekend Ollie and I made our way to Blackheath to celebrate our second anniversary together. We were toying with the idea of going to London but we were looking for somewhere with a more cosier vibe without the use of trains. Fifteen minutes later, the cab whisked us away and we were already at our destination - CAU. I am usually quite hesitant when it comes to choosing resturants without researching the menu first, especially when I am not a steak fan but I trusted Ollie's pick and I was certainly not disappointed. We arrived slightly early but this meant we were able to walk around and take blog photos - I was very happy with this. You can see my outfit here.
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