Sunday, 18 December 2016

netflix - the cheesy playlist ♥

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It is time for another Netflix post! This week I wanted to talk about my favourite cheesy films, anything that involves The Spice Girls or Cher is pretty much dreamy for me. I have recently put together quite a few Netflix playlists, including superhero flicks, romance films, feel good shows and my top tearjerker films. Let me know if you are looking for a particular genre! You can see my previous Netflix posts here. Let's get started! ♥
I remember watching Burlesque in the cinema during my last year at university, I also remember spilling my nacho's down my top and sulking for the rest of the film. Stepping aside from my love of nacho's, I also have a lot of love for Burlesque. It is completely cringey and fantastic. Cher is just magic and she looks incredible throughout. The plot is based around Ali, played by Christina Aguilera, she is a small town girl who moves to Los Angeles looking for her big singing break and she finds a popular club named Burlesque. After the owner of Burlesque, Tess, played by Cher, discovers that Ali can sing, she transforms Burlesque into a club with dancing and live singing and tries to keep the club open. It definitely has very cheesy moments with the romance plot between Tess and the bartender, Jack so it is definitely at the top of my top cheesy film list. 
Spice World
I literally squealed with excitement when I saw that the Spice World movie had been added to Netflix. This film is one of my favourites and I have no idea what the plot really is but it is just madness and 90's fun mixed together. I would watch this film constantly growing up and I remember being so confused why Posh spice kept trying to find a 'Gucci' dress. 
Legally Blonde
If you are going through a painful breakup or if you just love Reese Witherspoon like me, Legally Blonde is perfect for you. After being dumped, Elle Woods (played by Reese) tries to join law school to gain a degree so she can win back her ex-boyfriend. To everyone's surprise, she passes the law school exam and even assists on a murder case. This is certainly a feel good film and it is packed with comedy and a perfect amount of cheese. 
For me, the Twilight saga borders on romance and cheese...with a dash of cringe but I absolutely love the films and I have a love/hate relationship watching them. Kristen Stewart trying to act can be quite painful to watch (the hospital bed scene is golden) but I love the plot and this film really reminds me of being a teenager and going through the awkward stage of becoming an adult - minus any vampires...unfortunately. Growing up watching Buffy has really made me appreciate real villains and strong storylines and although Twilight doesn't touch the Buffy series, it still makes a great Netflix duvet day. 


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