Tuesday, 13 December 2016

hairapeutix - the miracle hair mask ♥

It has been pretty impossible not to see Hairapeutix* on social media. I have heard such amazing things about this brand and I was really excited when they sent me a pack to try for myself. The packets were originally created to give hair extensions some TLC but you can also use the masks on your natural hair as a pre-shampoo treatment. Packed with organic ingredients and natural oils, Hairapeutix sounds pretty dreamy so far! The oils actually include avocado and coconut oil so I couldn't wait to get the mask on my hair. The smell is just addictive, I was really impressed with how fresh and natural the mask smelt and I found it really easy to apply to my hair. I am really trying hard to avoid using my hairdryer but it can become really frizzy without heat. After applying the mask earlier this week, it really made a dramatic difference to the state of my natural hair. When it dried naturally, it certainly didn't feel as frizzy and I was shocked at how soft my ends were. I really can't believe the effect it had on my hair after one use. If you are looking for some hair TLC I definitely recommend trying Hairapeutix, especially if the winter weather is causing havoc on your hair like it is mine! Have you tried the masks before? I would love to hear your thoughts! You can find the masks here  


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  2. Sound perfect for my hair -always seems to have frizz and wispy bits ill be looking to buy some of this beauty


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