Thursday, 1 December 2016

get the look - kendall jenner ♥

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It's my favourite time of year again - the iconic Victoria's Secret show and the beautiful Kendall Jenner certainly didn't disappoint. After making her VS debut last year, I was really curious to see if her look would change in 2016. I would say she is the most natural out of the Kardashian/Jenner clan and I love her figure, she really does have the longest legs! For today's get the look, I wanted to feature a high street brand, if you would like more high end brands let me know but I personally love Make-Up Revolution, they always have such high quality products and the range is so affordable! To create Kendall's dewy skin, I would definitely recommend using a primer. 

It will make sure that your skin has the perfect base before you apply your concealer and foundation, I know Kendall does suffer for the occasional spot but her make-up artist has made her skin look photo shoppedAfter looking at countless photos of Kendall at the press room, I think her lips really stood out to me the most. I love that she is wearing a glossy lip and to recreate the colour, I would use a mixture of two lip liners to get a similar subtle dusky pink shade. The Makeup Revolution Amazing Clear Lipgloss would certainly do the trick and I can't believe it is only £1! Her lips certainly complement her eye make-up and the overall Victoria's Secret look. What do you think of Kendall's look? Who is your favourite Victoria's Secret model? You can find all of the Makeup Revolution products on the website and on Superdrug! 


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