Wednesday, 14 December 2016

false lashes - peaches & cream and red cherry ♥

I think 99% of my time I talk about false lashes. I really do have a lash obsession and I honestly believe that lashes are all you need to give your make-up a serious touch of glamour. I was so excited when False Eyelashes sent me a pair of the Red Cherry lashes* in the style Stevi #43 and the Peaches & Cream individual lashes in 15mm*. I think it is lovely that you can go online and find the right lash design to suit you without having to spend too much. Now I think some lashes can look really harsh but the whispy lash style is flawless, I couldn't believe how natural the Red Cherry lashes looked and because they are made from human hair, this adds extra quality to the overall look. They look like high quality lashes and that is certainly what you get when you apply them. I found the lashes really light and I was able to use tweezers and carefully place them on my lash line without any hassle, because the strip is very thin, you can really control how close you want your lashes to your own lash line. For the Peaches & Cream individual lashes, I actually featured them in my current favourite's post earlier in the week. I have always felt intimidated by the individual lashes but I found the Peaches & Cream pack incredibly easy to apply and I love how dramatic my eyes looked! Do you prefer individual lashes or strip lashes? Let me know what your favourite lash style is!  

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