Monday, 19 December 2016

christmas gift guide - her ♥

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Last minute shopping is never fun, especially around Christmas time but every year I leave my shopping later and later. This year I wanted to inspire myself and hopefully some of you with what presents to buy. I noticed after making this collage that quite a few products were nude, so I went with the flow and taa-dah! I'm pretty impressed with the final outcome. Anyway, let's get to it - my Christmas gift guide for her. I am obsessed with candles at the moment nd I think Jo Malone has such beautiful packaging, very subtle but also timeless. 

For fragrances, I am really eager to try the Chanel perfume I think the candle and perfume would look beautiful on my dressing table! I also found a beautiful silk blouse from Zara (the bottom row) and I instantly fell in love, this would look great with a pair of leather trousers or a skinny jeans. Whether you buy one classic item like a watch or a pair of shoes, asking for a second opinion is always a great starting point if you are unsure! What do you think of my Christmas gift guide? What would be your favourite pick from the list? I have also made a Christmas gift guide for him 

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