Friday, 16 December 2016

black snakeskin zara bag ♥

I have already scheduled my New Year's resolution blog post for this year and one of my new rules for 2017 is to treat myself once a month. I've started this rule slightly earlier than January and I have recently bought this gorgeous black, crossbody bag from Zara. For £80 this is slightly more than I would pay for a basic shoulder bag that isn't from a designer brand but I absolutely love the style and I think this is a great copy of the Boy Chanel bag. The material is made from real leather and the fabric feels like a soft suede even though it has a subtle snakeskin print. You can wear this bag at two different lengths, one length is at hip level and then you can change the chain strap to a slightly shorter length. There is not much room in the actual bag but I am not really the best judge, I am used to carrying a giant make-up bag with me. 

The bag includes two compartments and a small zip pocket inside so I don't mind the smaller space because I actually wanted a smaller bag for once and although it doesn't fit 20 make-up items, it still can fit my purse, keys, phone, powder, lip gloss, eyeshadow, eyeliner and my car keys - so pretty much the essentials. I am aware I over pack make-up into my bags... I've used this bag a few times already but I am still putting the paper back inside the bag to keep the shape. If you are looking for a classic, black handbag I definitely recommend taking a look in Zara! What do you think of this style of bag, I would love to know what your handbag essentials are! You can find out more about the crossbody Zara bag here 


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