Tuesday, 29 November 2016

urtekram - vegan shampoo and conditioner ♥

On Sunday I did a brief first impressions video on my Fairytale Kiss IG story about the Urtekram Coconut shampoo* and conditioner*. If you are looking for a vegan brand, I definitely recommend you stick around for this review, especially if you have oily hair like me. I washed my hair with the shampoo and conditioner Sunday and I am so, so surprised how soft my hair feels today - usually if I wash my hair the two mornings before, it starts to feel slightly greasy. My hair type is quite annoying, I constantly need heat to style my hair because it turns into a giant frizz ball but then it always becomes oily. I woke up today and my hair still looked fresh and it certainly didn't look frizzy. 

I'm not too sure what the ingredients are for shampoo's but I love that the Urtekram brand uses organic ingredients, including coconut nectar, aloe vera and daisy flower extract. I found the lids easy to open and I may have squeezed a tiny bit more product into my hair than usual but I was surprised that the shampoo was foamy - I don't know why but I automatically thought vegan and organic = foam free. The scent is a very fresh coconut smell and it isn't overpowering whatsoever. I left the conditioner on my hair for about 3 minutes and it certainly had a lovely formula and texture to it. Overall, I am really impressed with the Urtekram coconut products, I am still shocked that my hair feels fresh and clean even though I was constantly touching and styling my hair yesterday! I would love to know what vegan brands you are loving at the moment!  

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