Sunday, 13 November 2016

#tiptalk - how i keep organised ♥

When my boyfriend reads the title of this blog post he will see the irony straight away. I constantly struggle with keeping my life organised and I become incredibly flustered and stressed if I let things slip past me. It is a constant battle wanting to stay in my duvet but then I also want to rule my own world at the same time. I am certainly not perfect but this year I have learnt that putting tasks to the back of my mind will just creep up on me and I become really worried. It really is the little things that make me feel stressed, if my room is a mess or if I haven't blogged in a few weeks. I feel really guilty and I can't enjoy any time to relax because I know I have things to do, but I have learnt a few tricks along the way to manage things and I think that means I'm a grown up now? Well...ish. Anyway, if you do get really anxious about keeping organised then hopefully this blog post will help you. If you have any tips for keeping organised, let me know! ♥

1. Stationery
I am a huge, huge, huge lover of notebooks, pens, highlighters - anything that looks pretty. Writing down my to-do lists and goals for the week and weekend really keeps me focused and buying pretty stationery makes it more fun right?! 

2. Organise your to-do lists 
I've recently started writing down what errands I need to run, the blog posts I want to write and general tasks I need to do. For example, I've already knew that I had to run to the Post Office this week to collect a few blog parcels, then I also had to run to Zara to pick up a coat. I then came back and started to take blog photos straight away. Writing a timed list is quite keen but it just keeps me focused and then I can spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing.

3. Don't ignore things
I was so, so, so guilty of putting things off this year. I would simply push the task back a day, then another day and the whole time I would secretly be thinking about it. If you have to return a dress or book that doctor appointment get it out the way. For me, being organised is about keeping on top of everything and knowing what your end goal is. Ignoring things will just cause unneeded stress! 

4. Find inspiration
I don't know about you but whether I am watching a particular character in a film or Youtuber, I usually feel inspired one way or another. I think there is always someone that will be more organised than you, whether they visit the gym at 5am or already write their Christmas list, but don't let this make you feel down or anxious about yourself. I think it's a great way to motivate yourself and it definitely reminds you that you can always find ways to improve.

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  1. I really need to take on these tips, I am so unorganised, I think I need to get a good notebook or diary I can properly write my to-do lists in x

    Zoe Mountford x


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