Saturday, 26 November 2016

threads lash range ♥

Lashes are certainly in high demand right now, whether you are flicking through InStyle or scrolling on the Daily Mail, celebs are certainly flying the lash flag. I have always said that if I had to have one make-up product on a desert island it would have to be a set of false lashes. They definitely make me appear more awake and I am obsessed with fluttery styles. I was so excited to receive two lashes from the Threads range last week*. Strip lashes instantly add glamour without being too fiddly and after opening up the packaging for the Rock Chic and Celestial style lashes, I was certainly not disappointed by the quality. I personally find it easier applying lashes with a thin strip base and the Rock Chic lashes certainly blended in well with my natural lashes, I didn't even need to use liquid liner to blend the glue in to my natural lash line! 

The two styles I received are called Rock Chic and Celestial, as you can see Celestial is slightly more bold but the lashes are actually shorter and more defined. I absolutely loved the Rock Chic design, they are subtle and wispy and they didn't look to overpowering on my eyes. When it came to applying the glue to my lashes, I was really surprised how easy and fast the formula was, I usually throw away lash glue and just use my Eylure tube but I am definitely keen on the Threads glue formula. You can find out more about Threads product range here, they also sell an impressive set of brow pencils and eyeliners too. I really love it when brands cover all the different angles of eye make-up and don't just stock one particular lash or brow product. What do you think of the Rock Chic and Celestial style? What pair would you pick? 


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