Monday, 28 November 2016

interior wish list ♥

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By the time I am 75 years old, I will have probably have just bought my first home. As I slowly save for a deposit, I think torturing myself with an interior shopping list is a perfect way to imagine my future house. Living in London is a hard task if you want to move out from your parents house but this does give me extra time to look at Tumblr and imagine what my dream house would look like. I've put together a selection of interior items that I would love to have, if you are lucky enough to have your own flat or house then please shop for me! A large majority of these items are based in America so they may be slightly expensive if you live in the UK but hopefully this will provide you with some inspiration and my USA readers can get shopping!

My top picks definitely include the Jo Malone London Basil & Neroli scented candle, I feel like every house needs a Jo Malone candle, I would never light it and it would really just sit there for decoration on my future coffee table but you get my point. I am also loving the Oval Rocco Mirror, I currently have a black mirror very similar to this style but I would love to have the Rocco mirror above my dressing table, it is very 1950's! From looking at my picks, I really do like simple grey, white and nude interior items whether I'm talking about cushions or coffee books. What are your favourite picks from my list? I would love to know what colour scheme your house/flat is! 

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  1. So much stunning, I'm adoring your gorgeous wish list babe! You've got such a fab eye for beautiful pieces and your perfect picks most definitely showcase that :) Much as I love bright colours I'd definitely want my home to have a dreamy interior scheme like this! The mirror is divine and the pillows look all the cosy <3

    Ahh, I definitely feel you on the moving out thing. Hopefully it'll make moving into our own places in the future all the more worth the wait ;)

    Sophie | soinspo xo


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