Thursday, 3 November 2016

breaking bad habits ♥

This post is a slight ramble but I wanted to talk about my bad habits. I am guilty of quite a few things that have really been annoying me recently and I think a good rambling blog post might help me. Obviously no one is perfect but I think these are easy habits to break and until I started planning this post, I didn't realise simple they were! This is just a warning, I sound very old moaning to myself in today's post. I would love to know what your bad habits are and any tips you have? ♥

Reward cards: I am absolutely awful at going into Boots or Superdrug and not using my loyalty card. If I get my card ready before I go to the till or actually check the cards are in my purse before I leave the house then I won't miss out on collecting reward points. It really doesn't make any sense not to use them, especially when I go into Boots/Superdrug at least two-three times a week!

Buying food: I am so guilty of buying food for lunch instead of preparing food at home. I spend a fortune every week on food and this doesn't even include going to restaurants in evenings or weekends. I definitely want to cut down on this. I am such an awful cook but practice makes perfect! I would love to know how you prepare your lunches and dinners!

Gym attendance: My gym attendance is pretty poor and when I say poor, I mean very poor. When I come back home after work I need to push myself to go to the gym to really make myself active and more importantly healthy. I am not the biggest lover of my figure but I know if I stick to a gym routine and healthy eating (hence the food prep idea), then I will feel so much better and not waste money every month on a gym membership I never use!


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