Saturday, 5 November 2016

blossoming gifts - bubblegum roses ♥

I don't know about you, but I think roses are a girl's best friend. I don't think there is anything else that looks prettier on a dressing table or on your own Instagram page. Whether you feel like treating yourself or if your mum's birthday is around the corner, flowers never go out of style. I was so excited when the lovely Blossoming Gifts contacted me and sent me this gorgeous bouquet of roses, I couldn't wait to get snapping with my camera! This bouquet is called Bubblegum Pink Roses* and when I first opened the box, a complimentary box of chocolates also arrived with the bouquet! The roses were in perfect condition and they smelled fresh and light as soon as I opened the box. I was so impressed with how fast the delivery was and how beautiful the roses looked.

If you are looking for a graduation present, birthday gift or even a wedding present you will certainly find an impressive selection on the Blossoming Gifts website. For £34.99, you really can't beat that price for roses that look this stunning! With certain orders (including the bubblegum pink rose order), you can also receive a free gift, the chocolate truffles were included with this one and oh my, I ate them so quickly. Have you tried Blossoming Gifts before? I would love to see what flowers you would order! Don't forget that you can use the discount code BGIFTS3 and receive 33% off your online order!  


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    1. I know, they are so gorgeous! The truffles were delicious too ;) x

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