Monday, 24 October 2016

yankee candle christmas candle - winter glow ♥

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to visit the Yankee Candle Christmas showcase in London. I was greeted with canapés, zesty juices and introduced to the newest Christmas launches. The Holiday Party Special Medium Pillar Candle* in Winter Glow is certainly a stepping stone towards the Christmas season. Lets start with the packaging, I think this box would sit perfectly under a Christmas tree without even needing to be wrapped. After carefully sliding the top off, I found that the candle was securely placed in the bottom half of the box. I really am a big fan of pillar style candles, yes I do love the classic jar candles but I think the pillar style candles are very sleek and subtle.

The scent of Winter Glow is also very subtle, if you are not a fan of strong Christmas scents then this particular candle might be your match made in heaven. There are soft hints of orange, rosemary and lavender. The white wax makes this a snowy treat for your living room, bathroom or bedroom and I think this candle is far too perfect to burn right now. I'll definitely be waiting until I see some winter snow! I am so impressed that Yankee Candle provide scents to suit everyone's taste and preference. You can find the full list of new Christmas candles here. What do you think of Christmas candles? What would be your dream Christmas scent? Have a lovely evening girls ♥


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