Friday, 28 October 2016

#tiptalk - how to de-stress ♥

For 99% of us, sometimes we feel stressed. Whether we get stressed about work, our boyfriend/girlfriend or even if we are running late for that upcoming hospital appointment. It is pretty normal to feel stressed sometimes but this year I am learning how to handle my stress properly. I have a really bad habit of just burying the problem and I don't give my mind a chance to 'unwind'. So for today's post I wanted to write down a few tips about what I do to make myself feel less stressed, you might agree with some of the tips or you may not, but personally these little tips help me clear my head and they make me feel a whole lot better. I really hope you find them helpful, if you would like me to post more tip style posts, let me know! ♥

1. To do lists
I am a big lover of to do lists, if I am running around in London for a press event or even meeting my boyfriend for dinner, I like to write a list in a notebook (or my iPhone) and work out exactly where I need to be and how to get there. I like to make sure I give myself enough time and all my clothes are laid out the day before so I don't have to rush around in the morning. It sounds simple enough but I had such a bad habit of just waking up and doing everything an hour before I was meant to leave. I feel like preparing myself and writing things down helps me stay focused and organised.

2. Make time for yourself
This tip is really important to me. I instantly feel the weight off my shoulders when I am sitting in a duvet watch Buffy, Charmed or the latest episode from the Batman Animated Series. I love to sit in my PJs, order a giant burrito from Deliveroo and just sit back and watch my favourite show. Although to some people watching Buffy or Charmed sounds like torture, I couldn't think of anything better.

3. Treat yourself
I know it sounds corny but I do feel happier after a day of shopping. Its nice to treat yourself now and then and I really love spending the day shopping and buying a luxury face mask or a new pair of Zara heels. I've got into a nice routine of buying something and neatly putting it away in my room, you will be surprised how relaxing it is to keep your room neat and me, it is a daily struggle for me. 

4. Change your environment
If I am feeling nervous or stressed, I love taking Kobi for a walk with the boyfriend. It is such a refreshing way to keep your mind clear and get some fresh air! I know some people feel better after going to the gym or even going for a jog in the park so find a new change of scenery. I definitely think taking a break is a healthy move and you can give your mind a chance to focus on something different.

5. Doing your research
Now I know a lot of my Fairytale Kiss readers are quite young and I don't think I have created any blog posts purely dedicated to growing up as a teenager. You don't have to be in your twenties, thirties or forties to feel stress or pressure, this can certainly happen in your teenage years too. Whether you have just started your period or if you feel bullied at school, my best advice is to speak to your parents and also do a little research on trusted websites. I would flick through quite a few magazines growing up but with the digital age in full swing, you can find really great websites to give you advice on becoming a teen.   

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