Thursday, 27 October 2016

the hempz hair and beauty range ♥

I don't just want products to look good on the outside anymore. I also want the product to be beneficial for my body and health and I'm not just talking about skin products, I mean hair! I will hold up my hand and admit that I have not been very wise about the hair products I use but lately I have been doing my research and finding out what keeps your hair healthy and shiny. I was recently introduced to the Hempz* range and I was really impressed when I started researching exactly what Hemp Seed Oil is. It is bursting with Vitamin E, B2, B1, C and B6 - it basically means there are lots of healthy ingredients that can keep your hair and skin looking and feeling its full potential. Throughout the range, the brand focuses on include hair and skincare products so you really can find something to suit you. I was lucky enough to try quite a few products from the range and straight away I loved the simple but colourful packaging. 

I first opened the Coconut Fusion Shimmering Herbal Body Souffle*, first of all - I am obsessed with coconut at the moment and when I opened this souffle it smelled good enough to eat. The texture of the product was incredibly soft, thick and I found it really easy to rub into my skin. This is definitely my favourite product from the bunch! I was really surprised to see that they also have a Hempz Lip Balm, the brand really does cover every angle! I've been using the herbal balm for almost two weeks now and I love how simple and efficient it is - I don't think it needs fancy packaging because it is great for chucking in your bag or keeping at your work desk. The product is non sticky and it has really been helping my lips in the cold weather. 

I have also been testing the Exotic Green Tea & Asian Pear Exfoliating Herbal Cleansing Mud & Body Mask (quite a mouthful!), the Hydrating Bath & Body Oil* and the Vanilla Plum Herbal Moisturising & Strengthening Conditioner. First of, all three products each have a refreshing scent. The oil worked wonders and I am obsessed with the Sweet Pineapple and Honey Melon fragrance, I found that throughout the range they all had a high quality formula. 

Overall, although the packaging could be a bit more IG friendly, I think the high quality of the products really trump anything else. If you want to start focusing on healthy ingredients that work for you, I definitely think you should give Hempz a try. Have you tried the Hempz range before? You can find the full list of products on the website. Have a lovely evening girls! ♥

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