Friday, 21 October 2016

dr.pawpaw - the multipurpose balm ♥

I am officially cold. Walking through the busy London streets during the autumn and winter season can be pretty chilly and quite harsh on your skin and lips. I have a very bad habit of biting my lips so as you can imagine my lips have been suffering. A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to try the Dr.PAWPAW* range which has been praised for the soft and smoothing results. The multipurpose balms include papaya as the main ingredient and it is available in three different shades including the original balm, a clear shade, peach, a tinted peach pink shade and red, a bold cherry shade. You can apply the balm to your lips, cuticles, cheeks and the balm can even be used to smooth frizzy hair! I have been using the original balm pretty much everyday for the past few weeks. 

I usually want to try a product for a few weeks to see the results but a day after using the balm on my lips I noticed the difference right away! I found that the tinted balms provided gorgeous colour without looking too heavy or greasy and I even added the red balm to my cheeks. Overall I have noticed such a difference simply by applying the balm onto my lips every few hours. They feel incredibly smooth and I have lost the urge to bite my lip because they are no longer dry and cracked! You can get so many different uses from the balms without carrying around seven different products in your bag! If you are a fan of multipurpose products I definitely recommend the range. What do you think of the Dr.PAWPAW range, what shade would you pick? You can find Dr.PAWPAW in quite a few shops including Superdrug and Topshop. 10/10 

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