Monday, 31 October 2016

last minute halloween make-up - black swan ♥

If you are slightly panicking that you have a last minute Halloween event tonight or if you have just been asked to take your siblings trick or treating, fear not - Superdrug have got you covered. The Freedom Pro Black Swan Kit* has everything you need to create an easy but effective Halloween look. I haven't watched the entire film but I do remember the Black Swan being very popular in 2010, especially when I was at university. If you don't have time to grab different products, the Freedom kit includes everything you need for creating the Black Swan make-up look. The kit includes five different make-up tools from white face cream to liquid liner. 

My top tips for creating this look start with watching scenes from the film or keeping a photo of Natalie Portman close by for reference. If you keep looking back at the image you can easily copy the same details. My next tip would have to be keeping your skin clear before you start using the Black Swan kit. Using sponge applicators and make-up brushes is also a great way to apply the white cream and you can really control the thickness and smoothness if you use a brush or sponge. I hope you found these tips helpful! Have a very spooky Halloween! Let me know what you did for the Halloween weekend!  

mcm comic con 2016 ♥

On Saturday and Sunday I travelled to London Excel to attend MCM Comic Con. If you do follow me on Instagram, Twitter and read my blog often then you will know that I am a huge comic nerd. I am obsessed with Batman, X-Men, Buffy and pretty much anything superhero related. I attended MCM Comic Con last year and although I have already been, it is definitely a yearly event for me. I love the friendly and welcoming atmosphere and the chance to see hundreds of stands with different products. I actually dressed up as Buffy this year and I was incredibly happy with my outfit, if you want to find out how I put my Buffy outfit together, leave me a comment! My highlights of the weekend included the beautiful paintings and the handmade jewellery. If you are on the fence about attending MCM next year I do think you will find something for you. There is also a PopAsia section which sells Japanese food, anime films and comics - you name it! 

I really loved this section because you get to experience something different and the food was divine. My top tips would be to wear comfy shoes, you get through a lot of walking! I brought a rucksack to keep a bottle of water in and on the second day, I made sure I brought cash with me before I entered Excel. There are ATM machines available but the queues were quite long. I also made a mental list of what I wanted, I knew I wanted to buy a few graphic novels and also some t-shirts so I had a good look around to make sure I was happy with what I found. You could see the same t-shirt on a different stand for a few pounds cheaper so it definitely helps to pay attention before you buy something. I honestly had such a great weekend and I am already planning my costume for next year! Have you been to MCM before? What did you think? You can find the full details of the show here.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

the boots xmas gift guide ♥

All products can be found at Boots
I don't know about you but when Boots started dishing out the Christmas Gift Guide catalogue, I was sat in my PJs and getting my post-it notes ready. Don't get me wrong, I know we are far away from Christmas (56 days to be exact...) but in the meantime I think treating yourself to a few gift sets won't cause any harm. For today's post I wanted to do a round up of my favourite picks, remember you can buy the gift sets for winter birthday presents...not just for the Christmas period. I think gift sets make shopping a lot easier and Boots has an incredible selection at the moment! My first top pick has to be the Lancome Hypnose Mascara Wardrobe, it includes one full-sized mascara and three baby ones!

I think this is such a great idea if you want to keep one mascara in your work drawer, at your boyfriends or even in your bathroom. I have heard such amazing reviews about this mascara so I am really impressed. Next on my list has to be the Soap & Glory Girl-O-Whirl, I am a huge sucker for the quirky packaging! It includes a butter cream, shower and body wash, a hand cream and a few other treats that are handbag friendly. My final pick has to be the Zoella On My Travels Rucksack, I think the bag is super cute and I love that you also get pencils, a mug and a key ring. This is definitely present worthy! What would you pick from the Boots Christmas guide? Have a lovely weekend girls, I will be at MCM Comic Con today and tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled on my IG story! Fairytalekiss_ ♥ 

Friday, 28 October 2016

#tiptalk - how to de-stress ♥

For 99% of us, sometimes we feel stressed. Whether we get stressed about work, our boyfriend/girlfriend or even if we are running late for that upcoming hospital appointment. It is pretty normal to feel stressed sometimes but this year I am learning how to handle my stress properly. I have a really bad habit of just burying the problem and I don't give my mind a chance to 'unwind'. So for today's post I wanted to write down a few tips about what I do to make myself feel less stressed, you might agree with some of the tips or you may not, but personally these little tips help me clear my head and they make me feel a whole lot better. I really hope you find them helpful, if you would like me to post more tip style posts, let me know! ♥

1. To do lists
I am a big lover of to do lists, if I am running around in London for a press event or even meeting my boyfriend for dinner, I like to write a list in a notebook (or my iPhone) and work out exactly where I need to be and how to get there. I like to make sure I give myself enough time and all my clothes are laid out the day before so I don't have to rush around in the morning. It sounds simple enough but I had such a bad habit of just waking up and doing everything an hour before I was meant to leave. I feel like preparing myself and writing things down helps me stay focused and organised.

2. Make time for yourself
This tip is really important to me. I instantly feel the weight off my shoulders when I am sitting in a duvet watch Buffy, Charmed or the latest episode from the Batman Animated Series. I love to sit in my PJs, order a giant burrito from Deliveroo and just sit back and watch my favourite show. Although to some people watching Buffy or Charmed sounds like torture, I couldn't think of anything better.

3. Treat yourself
I know it sounds corny but I do feel happier after a day of shopping. Its nice to treat yourself now and then and I really love spending the day shopping and buying a luxury face mask or a new pair of Zara heels. I've got into a nice routine of buying something and neatly putting it away in my room, you will be surprised how relaxing it is to keep your room neat and me, it is a daily struggle for me. 

4. Change your environment
If I am feeling nervous or stressed, I love taking Kobi for a walk with the boyfriend. It is such a refreshing way to keep your mind clear and get some fresh air! I know some people feel better after going to the gym or even going for a jog in the park so find a new change of scenery. I definitely think taking a break is a healthy move and you can give your mind a chance to focus on something different.

5. Doing your research
Now I know a lot of my Fairytale Kiss readers are quite young and I don't think I have created any blog posts purely dedicated to growing up as a teenager. You don't have to be in your twenties, thirties or forties to feel stress or pressure, this can certainly happen in your teenage years too. Whether you have just started your period or if you feel bullied at school, my best advice is to speak to your parents and also do a little research on trusted websites. I would flick through quite a few magazines growing up but with the digital age in full swing, you can find really great websites to give you advice on becoming a teen.   

Thursday, 27 October 2016

the hempz hair and beauty range ♥

I don't just want products to look good on the outside anymore. I also want the product to be beneficial for my body and health and I'm not just talking about skin products, I mean hair! I will hold up my hand and admit that I have not been very wise about the hair products I use but lately I have been doing my research and finding out what keeps your hair healthy and shiny. I was recently introduced to the Hempz* range and I was really impressed when I started researching exactly what Hemp Seed Oil is. It is bursting with Vitamin E, B2, B1, C and B6 - it basically means there are lots of healthy ingredients that can keep your hair and skin looking and feeling its full potential. Throughout the range, the brand focuses on include hair and skincare products so you really can find something to suit you. I was lucky enough to try quite a few products from the range and straight away I loved the simple but colourful packaging. 

I first opened the Coconut Fusion Shimmering Herbal Body Souffle*, first of all - I am obsessed with coconut at the moment and when I opened this souffle it smelled good enough to eat. The texture of the product was incredibly soft, thick and I found it really easy to rub into my skin. This is definitely my favourite product from the bunch! I was really surprised to see that they also have a Hempz Lip Balm, the brand really does cover every angle! I've been using the herbal balm for almost two weeks now and I love how simple and efficient it is - I don't think it needs fancy packaging because it is great for chucking in your bag or keeping at your work desk. The product is non sticky and it has really been helping my lips in the cold weather. 

I have also been testing the Exotic Green Tea & Asian Pear Exfoliating Herbal Cleansing Mud & Body Mask (quite a mouthful!), the Hydrating Bath & Body Oil* and the Vanilla Plum Herbal Moisturising & Strengthening Conditioner. First of, all three products each have a refreshing scent. The oil worked wonders and I am obsessed with the Sweet Pineapple and Honey Melon fragrance, I found that throughout the range they all had a high quality formula. 

Overall, although the packaging could be a bit more IG friendly, I think the high quality of the products really trump anything else. If you want to start focusing on healthy ingredients that work for you, I definitely think you should give Hempz a try. Have you tried the Hempz range before? You can find the full list of products on the website. Have a lovely evening girls! ♥

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

spooky superdrug wishlist ♥

All products can be found on the Superdrug website with the new 3 for 2 offer!
Halloween is quickly approaching and I don't think there is a better way to celebrate than to see what make-up products are on offer. Superdrug are currently offering a spooky 3 for 2 on cosmetics so I have rounded up my ghoulish must haves! I am having far too much fun writing Halloween puns... Lets start with my favourite product at the moment, the Freedom Pro Halloween kit in The Black Swan. This baby does exactly what it says on the tin, (or box), to re-create the famous Black Swan look from the Natalie Portman film you will find everything you need including eye shadows, white face cream and liquid liner. Superdrug also stock the Freedom SFX Fake Blood, definitely a must have for a Halloween creation! If you are looking for a simple make-up look, you can't go wrong with a vampire. Simply reach for a dark lipstick and add a smidgen of fake blood around your lips, or get Vampire Diaries inspired and add the blood underneath your eyes! You can find the full list of creepy products on the Superdrug Halloween page, what devilish looks will you be creating this year? ♥

blank canvas master series palette ♥

When I first looked at the Blank Canvas Master Series palette* I was immediately impressed by how varied the shades were. To me, this palette is Autumn. It has every shade to get you through the colder seasons and I was really surprised how much I loved the edgier colours. In particular, the shade 'Carmin' reminds me of the bold orange shade from Kylie Jenner's new palette. It definitely adds a pop of warmth to any make-up look, whether you want a bold smokey eye or just a touch on your lids. I found the pigmentation really bold and although I had to spend a bit of time blending in the shades, it lasted all day without needing any touch ups. With 11 matte shades (there is one shade quite shimmery and it looks perfect on your brow bone.) you really do have a lot of options, I was really pleased to find out this palette is also vegan friendly!

The brush included in the palette never leaves my side. After I have applied the eye shadows from the palette, I still carry the brush around if I want to touch up my nose contour (yes...I hate my nose) and I even apply a touch of highlight onto my cheeks using the fluffier brush side. The quality of the E40 and E41 dual brush is incredible, especially when some brands just include a tiny sponge applicator... Blank Canvas really has created a complete high quality eyeshadow package! I definitely recommend this palette as a birthday or Christmas gift or if you just want to treat yourself. To find out more about the shades and the other Blank Canvas products available, you can purchase the Blank Canvas palette here. Have you tried any products from the Blank Canvas range? I would love to hear what you think! ♥

Monday, 24 October 2016

yankee candle christmas candle - winter glow ♥

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to visit the Yankee Candle Christmas showcase in London. I was greeted with canapés, zesty juices and introduced to the newest Christmas launches. The Holiday Party Special Medium Pillar Candle* in Winter Glow is certainly a stepping stone towards the Christmas season. Lets start with the packaging, I think this box would sit perfectly under a Christmas tree without even needing to be wrapped. After carefully sliding the top off, I found that the candle was securely placed in the bottom half of the box. I really am a big fan of pillar style candles, yes I do love the classic jar candles but I think the pillar style candles are very sleek and subtle.

The scent of Winter Glow is also very subtle, if you are not a fan of strong Christmas scents then this particular candle might be your match made in heaven. There are soft hints of orange, rosemary and lavender. The white wax makes this a snowy treat for your living room, bathroom or bedroom and I think this candle is far too perfect to burn right now. I'll definitely be waiting until I see some winter snow! I am so impressed that Yankee Candle provide scents to suit everyone's taste and preference. You can find the full list of new Christmas candles here. What do you think of Christmas candles? What would be your dream Christmas scent? Have a lovely evening girls ♥

Sunday, 23 October 2016

norvell tanning range ♥

I am still holding onto my summer tan. I refuse to let it go and after trying the Norvell spray tan earlier this month, (you can read my review here), I was really excited to try the product range, in particular, the 360 Sunless ECO Mist.* Although you can easily control this "spray tan in a can" I love a very deep tan so on Friday night after I exfoliated, I hopped in the shower and I applied two/three coats of the bottle to my body. I simply held the can an arms length away and gently held down the spray. You can still achieve a gorgeous bronzed tan with one coat but I was really aiming for a Michelle Keegan type of tan so two more coats certainly did the trick. I also applied the Bronzing-4-Faces* with a damp sponge to my face to make sure the application was really precise and natural. It comes is a petite bottle so you can easily carry it around with you if you were getting ready at your friends house. 

On Saturday night I had so many compliments about my tan and I was thrilled with the results. I was so happy to find out that both of the products are 100% vegan and free from nasty chemicals. The 360 Sunless Eco Mist was coconut scented and the Bronzing-4-Faces was Raspberry and Almond. They were both subtle scents which made the tanning formula even better. I am not a big fan of heavy scents but I am obsessed with fruity combinations! I cannot express how much I love this tanning range, I just love how easy it was to apply! Have you tried the Norvell range before? You can find the full list of products here. 11/10 ♥ 

Saturday, 22 October 2016

the curaprox teeth whitening event ♥

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend the Curaprox toothpaste event at the Curaden Dental Clinic on New Bond street. The Swiss brand has a pretty incredible approach to keeping teeth bright and pearly by including carbon activated charcoal in the toothpaste formula so I was very excited to find out more. When I made my way to the clinic I was greeted by Abbie, a lovely PR who offered me a selection of gorgeous breakfast options and introduced me to the new face of Curaprox - Toff from Made in Chelsea. They explained to me how the Curaprox charcoal based toothpastes work and why they are so beneficial for your teeth. Black toothpaste sounds quite unique so I was really surprised to find out how it whitens your teeth even though the paste is black! 

I was lucky enough to sit down with Toff and find out exactly why she loved the unique black toothpaste. “I couldn’t believe the colour of this toothpaste when I first saw it. I never would have thought black toothpaste would be something I’d use, but the effects are amazing! I love the pearly shine this toothpaste creates! My teeth feel so much healthier since I started using it.” Toff was absolutely lovely and I was so impressed how much she knew about the brand. I will be doing a separate post about my review on the two different toothpastes so keep checking my blog for more information! 

Friday, 21 October 2016

dr.pawpaw - the multipurpose balm ♥

I am officially cold. Walking through the busy London streets during the autumn and winter season can be pretty chilly and quite harsh on your skin and lips. I have a very bad habit of biting my lips so as you can imagine my lips have been suffering. A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to try the Dr.PAWPAW* range which has been praised for the soft and smoothing results. The multipurpose balms include papaya as the main ingredient and it is available in three different shades including the original balm, a clear shade, peach, a tinted peach pink shade and red, a bold cherry shade. You can apply the balm to your lips, cuticles, cheeks and the balm can even be used to smooth frizzy hair! I have been using the original balm pretty much everyday for the past few weeks. 

I usually want to try a product for a few weeks to see the results but a day after using the balm on my lips I noticed the difference right away! I found that the tinted balms provided gorgeous colour without looking too heavy or greasy and I even added the red balm to my cheeks. Overall I have noticed such a difference simply by applying the balm onto my lips every few hours. They feel incredibly smooth and I have lost the urge to bite my lip because they are no longer dry and cracked! You can get so many different uses from the balms without carrying around seven different products in your bag! If you are a fan of multipurpose products I definitely recommend the range. What do you think of the Dr.PAWPAW range, what shade would you pick? You can find Dr.PAWPAW in quite a few shops including Superdrug and Topshop. 10/10 

Friday, 14 October 2016

yankee candle christmas showcase ♥

Yesterday morning I popped up to London to visit the lovely ladies at Yankee Candle for the Christmas showcase event. The entire collection was displayed in a beautifully decorated Christmas dining room setting and the products included five new Christmas scents including Macaron Treats, a sweet candy scent, Festive Candy, a berry and pine scent, All is Bright, a musky citrus scent and Star Anise and Orange, a warm orange scent. All is Bright is definitely a festive favourite for me, the large jar will make a perfect addition to my dressing table. After seeing the key new scents, I was offered a selection of macaroons and fresh spicy orange juice and I was introduced to the new gift boxes and advent calendars. 

There is something about Yankee Candle that reminds me of Christmas and I think this year they have really gone above and beyond, it has really made me excited! I was lucky enough to receive a Christmas pillar candle so I'll be doing a separate review on this gift but I thought you would all like to see how beautiful the event was yesterday and the exciting new launches for winter. I had such a lovely time seeing the new candles so I wanted to say a big thank you to the Yankee Candle team for inviting me! What do you think of the new Yankee Candle Christmas collection? Is there a particular product that you would add to your Christmas list? You can find the new candle collection here. Have a lovely evening girls and don't forget to follow me on Instagram for event updates. 

Thursday, 13 October 2016

seanhanna hair salon review ♥

There is no question that your hair makes an instant impact when you walk through the door. I really do believe that your hair should reflect your style and taste but lately I've been having a real love/hate relationship with my hair. I was lucky enough to be booked in for a hair appointment at the seanhanna salon*, located on the busy Putney high street and as soon as I walked through the door, I was impressed with the glamorous yet edgy interior. I was greeted with biscuits and a drink by the lovely Lloyd, (you can see his Instagram here), he is known as one of the best hair colourists in the UK. He sat me down and spent time discussing what my hair needed and what my hair history was like. My hair has been looking really flat lately so we decided a bold balayage would be a great treatment to lift my hair up and warm my skin tone. 

My hair is painfully thin so Lloyd was extra careful about what products he used on me to make sure nothing damaged my hair. To start with, my hair was brushed through and sectioned and the colour was applied and sealed with cling film. Once the colour was left on my hair for 30 minutes, Lloyd began washing my hair and then he applied a hair treatment. The chair included a massage option so as you can imagine, having your head massaged while the latest Ariana album playing in the background was literally my dream morning. When Lloyd began to lightly cut my hair, he made sure that he didn't take away any length but he just focused on getting rid of the damage. After applying the L'Oreal Constructor spray, he was able to build volume and really create a flawless blow dry. He then began to curl my hair with the GHD curling tongs and finally he brushed out the curls and set my hair with hairspray.

As you can see from the before and after photos the results are pretty incredible. Even though the before photo is how my hair looks naturally (and it was kept in a bun - hence the few tangles), my hair was quite damaged and dull! I cannot express how amazing my experience was with Lloyd and the rest of the seanhanna team, everyone was so friendly and welcoming and Ariana's album was even played throughout my entire visit! I really do think the before and after photos say 1000 words, my hair has never looked this good and I cannot explain how happy I am with my hair. I cannot recommend Lloyd and the seanhanna salon enough. I love how LLoyd took the time to find out what I wanted and how to create my dream hairstyle. Have you visited the seanhanna salon before? You can find the complete details about the different branches here 

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

the aspire drink range ♥

After recently joining the gym I am really trying to pay attention to what I am eating and drinking. I want to make sure I feel confident, happy and healthy and your diet certainly plays a big part in this. Luckily Aspire Drinks* kindly offered me a tasty solution for providing a healthy fitness boost. I was lucky enough to try the three lightly carbonated drinks in the flavours Mango Lemonade, Cranberry and Apple and Acai. The drink contains green tea extract, guarana and vitamin B which gives you energy without using unhealthy sugars. If you aren't too worried about the healthy fitness part, the drinks can also make great cocktail mixers, I added a touch of vodka to the mango lemonade flaovour and it tasted delicious! 

My favourite flavour is certainly Apple and Acai, it's fresh and light without tasting too sugary, I definitely recommend keeping the cans in the fridge and adding ice! I've never been a fan of carbonated drinks but the Aspire range is definitely a healthier alternative if you are a fizzy drink addict. You can find the Aspire range in Tesco's and Holland & Barrett so let me know what you think. Have you tried the Aspire range before? What cocktails would you create? Have a lovely evening girls and let me know what flavour you would pick! 

Thursday, 6 October 2016

my relaxing bath routine ♥

I have been feeling quite under the weather this week, so I have been spending my time with Lemsips and tissues. I always feel better after a hot, hot bath so I gathered up my favourite bath products and I thought I would share with you how I unwind when I am feeling poorly. To start with I fill up my bath with lots of bubble bath and I usually bring a few magazines to read while I wait. After putting my hair back, I will make sure all my make-up is removed and I usually start with a toner to prep my skin. Once I am in the bath I usually put on a relaxing face mask, today I used the Montagne Jeunesse Cucumber Peel Off face masque and it was so easy to use. I left the masque on for 25 minutes and I then carefully peeled it off.

My skin really does feel soft and fresh after using the face masque and for £1, you can't go wrong! When I am shaving my legs I like to rub in a Nivea shower creme too, I just find the texture of Nivea shower products so creamy and smooth and the scents are gorgeous! After shaving my legs and using the face masque I usually empty the bath and apply a moisturiser on my face and I add a small dab of the Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter, I have the mini version here but you can find a bigger version in Boots. The ingredients include aloe vera and shea butter so it is super soft for your skin! What tips do you have for running a relaxing bath? Let me know in the comments below! Have a lovely afternoon girls 

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

get the look - jessica alba ♥

Jessica Alba has been a long time girl crush of mine. Her style is flawless and I cannot fault her make-up. While attending Paris Fashion Week, Jessica was spotted wearing a red kaftan gown at the Valentino after party combined with a subtle make-up look. Now after looking at a few photos, I think a few lash extensions would be a safe bet for creating this look, I have read such lovely reviews on the Kiss Haute Couture lash extensions and the set of three lashes will really make your eyes pop like Jessica's. For the lips, I think a base is really important, her lips appear quite matte so I would recommend using the original Dr.PAWPAW and mixing this balm with a nude lipstick to create a natural nude look. 

For hair, I would simply curl small sections then brush out using your fingertips. To protect your hair against heat, the Lee Stafford ARGANOIL Morocco Pre Shampoo treatment can be your product saviour. So what do you think of this make-up look? You can definitely use a dash of bronzer and blusher to add extra glamour to the make-up and the natural eye shadow shades makes this make-up look a perfect everyday favourite! Let me know if there are any other celebrity photos you want me to recreate! Have a lovely afternoon girls 

Monday, 3 October 2016

norvell spray tan ♥

I 100% feel my best when I am tanned. A summer glow just adds warmth to my complexion and I really think fake tanning is the ultimate pick me up. I was recently invited down to the Cucumba salon near Oxford Circus to experience a Norvell spray tan* and I have been bombarded with lovely complements about my tan ever since! As I made my way to the Cucumba salon on Portland Street, I was instantly impressed with the fresh and spacious interior. With two floors, I was taken downstairs and the prep work for the Norvell spray tan began. After the barrier cream was applied to my nails and hands the Norvell spray tan solution was emptied into the spray gun and a fine mist was applied to my body. Quick and easy, the spray tan was completed in a few minutes.

With all spray tans, I definitely suggest wearing loose clothing and skipping any face make-up although I was wearing a small amount of concealer and the Norvell formula still managed to give my skin an even glow. After protecting my bed sheets with a towel, I went to bed and the following morning I quickly jumped into the shower and I gently patted my skin dry. After looking in the mirror, I instantly saw the results, the formula looked even and bronzed without a strong tanning smell! I cannot fault the Norvell spray tan at all, I am so amazed at the lovely bronzed colour and if you are looking for an Autumn pick me up, look no further! What do you think of spray tans? I will also be posting a review of the Norvell tanning products next week so keep your eyes on my Instagram and Twitter for updates. Have a lovely afternoon girls 
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