Tuesday, 5 January 2016

this weeks instagram ♥

This week has been pretty busy because we are back in the Scratch office, I can't believe I have officially been a beauty journalist for seven months! The time has flown past but it definitely feels like I am where I belong, it is the most amazing feeling writing for a living, so I can't wait to finish our February issue. With New York lurking around the corner, I still haven't put together what I want to buy, Victoria's Secret will definitely be on my list but I also want to visit the historical sites. We will be booking a helicopter tour to really see the buildings of the city so I can't wait! Make-up wise, I'm trying to really look after my skin in this weather, my skin can get incredibly dry so I've been having lots of hot baths with bath salts.

I am also obsessed with the nude, bath creme from Boots. I actually bought this in the January sales last year! Despite the awful queues, I managed to buy two gorgeous pairs of ripped jeans from Zara - I have awful luck with jeans normally but each pair was £20.00. I also travelled to the Ashford outlet and I bought myself a pair of red leather trousers from Ralph Lauren, they were reduced from £600 to just £20! I will be putting together a few outfit posts next week to show you the new outfits in my wardrobe. Have you managed to find any goodies in the sales this year? Have a lovely evening girls! 


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