Sunday, 3 January 2016

mulberry - the continental wallet ♥

Over the Christmas period, I was incredibly lucky to get two purses, my Louis Vuitton Josephine wallet from Ollie and the Mulberry Continental Wallet from work. I have been using the Mulberry wallet everyday because it is incredibly practical and it easily holds my cards and money. This wallet has a classic and timeless design, perfect for anyone - especially with the variety of shades available. The range includes eight different colours, including Fiery Spritz, Oak, Oxblood, Steel Blue, Black Natural, Neon Blue, Poppy Red and Black Glossy. This purse is perfect if you want to organise your cards, coins and bank notes, I can easily keep things organised and see exactly where my cards are. I definitely need all the help I can get with organising myself so this purse is a dream. You can store 10 cards and the purse also includes a section to keep your coins. I still can't believe that my work gave me this purse as a Christmas gift, I am incredibly lucky and grateful. What is your ideal purse, do you have any Mulberry items on your wish list this month? ♥


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